1. Its hard to tell but the middle one could be liberals in France. They just had a little disturbance in Pl de la Bastille last night.

    Not sure if they did the Car-BQ though

  2. So-called "anti fascists" employing fascist techniques in an attempt to silence anyone with whom they disagree. Are they really that ignorant of history? Are they unable to see the irony? Or are they just plain stupid? Dumbed-down education? Or maybe a mixture of all four? I really don't know. But whatever the reason, it's a pretty sad state of affairs.

  3. Thé first line is no . Sweden, nothing in it fits Sweden. Also, it is not terrorists but lefties and immigrants. More like the liberals of USA. Picture number two could be Sweden considering that it is a Volvo that burns.

  4. Are you suggesting that just because someone has a "liberal" leaning they never had any traditional standards instilled in them growing up by practical-minded parents, grandparents, instructors or teachers?
    That a person with "liberal" beliefs will necessarily have no understanding of property rights, or have never been instructed on proper etiquette, or have never been taught the concept of boundaries?
    People routinely use ideals as false fronts for rationalizing their own personal attitudes and prejudices.

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