1. Except…that German example is a Jeep Grand Cherokee…so American…or even Italian in a way… (Fiat-Chrysler America)

  2. I've said this for years about the way different nationalities engineer cars. Let's say you have two parts that move against each other.

    Americans: Make one part of very good steel, the other of inferior (cheap) steel, but make it easy to replace, to every 25K miles you have a $600 repair.

    Japanese: Make both parts of very good steel, so they last 100K miles but then you have a $3,500 repair.

    German: Same function is performed with 17 parts, in a mix of steel, plastic, titanium and unobtainium, none of which are available separately.

    British: The parts will never wear out because the car won't start when it's raining.

    Italian: Screw it, paint the car red and put a beautiful woman in the passenger seat.

    Mark D

  3. There is a common myth that the Germans are the world's premier engineers.

    I have worked for a German technology company for over 32 years. Trust me. It is indeed a myth.

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