1. This us a genius move. Reminds me of the Jack Handey quote: "if a little kid every asks you why it's raining, tell them it's raining because God is crying. And God is crying BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU DID."

  2. John Cunningham,

    A true Catholic guilt trip always ends with "and Jesus DIED ON THE CROSS for YOU!"

    It's all about the Guilt.

  3. At what point do you run out of boxes and throw the kid into the fireplace? Why not increase the efficiency of the operation and start there?

    Since it seems to be illegal to sell children on eBay, even poorly-raised ones (although renting some of the older ones seems to have been accepted for millenia), it's not against the law to put them up for adoption; there are even legally- and socially-sanctioned organizations that will provide assistance in the endeavor.

    In the long run that's cheaper than buying all that gift wrap for empty boxes, not to mention what firewood costs these days, plus it frees up your weekends.

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