Ship versus crane – ship wins

The Italian roll-on/roll-off ferry Excellent was docking in Barcelona, Spain yesterday after its regular trip from Genoa, Italy.  Things didn’t go as planned.

The fire started by the falling crane, among a group of containers, grew worse, spreading a pall of smoke over the harbor.  It took a while to bring it under control.

I imagine the officers of the Excellent have a little explaining to do, both to the harbor officials and to their employers . . .



  1. So, how many points was that, and what does it take to get your master's ticket pulled?

    Hereabouts, that's mandatory testing for drugs and alcohol by the Coast Guard.

    And yes, the ship beat the crane. But the dock beat the ship.
    Rock-paper-scissors with real items.

  2. Appears that the underwater prow/protrusion (can't recall the term) got badly mangled, as it took the brunt of the impact.

    The fact that they seemed to have propulsion and bow steering/thruster to back away makes it look like incompetence, and not equipment failure.

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