Shooting and self-defense roundup

A few articles caught my eye over the past few days relating to firearms and self-defense issues.  I thought I’d throw the links up here for those of my readers who may be interested.

  1. Shooting Drill – ‘The Humbler’.  Greg Ellifritz gives us a course of fire that may look slow and easy in parts, but can be brutally humbling (hence the name).
  2. “Don’t talk to the police” — good advice?  Kathy Jackson highlights the pitfalls with this popularly recommended tactic after a defensive shooting, and offers some alternative thoughts.
  3. H&K and Backwards Bullets: The Real Story.  How H&K got egg on their faces at the 2004 Shot Show.  I wonder if the guy responsible ever got fired?
  4. An Army Of Knife Experts Share Tips On Choosing The Best Survival Knife.  It’s certainly a lot of food for thought.  I’m an African boy, and as such I was brought up with a strong bias towards K.I.S.S., so I’ll second Tim MacWelch’s advice.  Click over there to read it for yourself.
  5. FBI 9MM Justification.  From September last year, an explanation of why the FBI has retreated from the .40 S&W round and is adopting the 9mm. Parabellum as its issue cartridge.

Interesting reading.



  1. (1)If I ever need to fire 700 rounds in a day for personal de-fence. I'll get my AKM. NOT my revolver. Whoever came up with that one sold ammo.(2) NEVER TALK TO COPS-AT ALL-EVER, call your lawyer FIRST then call the fuzz. NEVER the other way round. Let your mouthpiece do ALL the talking. People that talk to badges go to prison. Even the innocent.(3) I don't ever see myself wanting an over priced kraut super Hi-Cap handgun. So who cares? (4) I am wearing boots older than any of the children selling knives. I was going out living in the bush and using blades before "they Daddy's met they Mommy's"(good G_D ! Am I really that old? They all look like babies too young to buy beer!) (5) The FB-I am so confused gets it wrong so often; my reaction to pretty much all they say and do is "Meh". I don't CC and really have no interest in anything smaller than the .45, plus, I live in Kentucky and can legally carry my .45LC revolver loaded with 255gr XTP's @ 1000 FPS in the glove box or openly so: 9MM ? "Meh". If I need more than my hand cannon can deliver its gonna' be a bad day anyhoo. 40 more super fast shots won't make it better.—Ray

  2. Seems the authors of the knife article like ESEE knives. Funny, that … because I swear by mine, too. I have an IZULA in my bag. Haven't needed to use it much, but it is sharp, solid, and simple. I'd happily buy an ESEE 3/4/5 if needs dictated.

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