Showing us how it’s done

Following this morning’s video of a rather fiery aborted takeoff by a Belarusian Air Force MiG-29, here’s a clip showing how it’s done.  In this case, the plane is a big military transport, the Airbus A-400M Atlas;  but the pilot handles it as if it were a fighter.  It’s pretty spectacular.  Watch in full-screen mode for best results.




  1. Yeah, the plane looks awesome. Shame it's probably never going to be mass produced. After problems with the engine gearbox and software (the latter destroying one of the test planes) Airbus is looking for a *second* bailout from the customers. They want a cost-plus guarantee on the planes, or as they put it, a "cap on remaining exposure". Good luck with that, after getting 3.5 billion euros the first time…

  2. Remember, that is no load, with minimal fuel on board. Still, I'm sure that pilots exiting from a hot landing zone would appreciate that sort of "get out of Dodge" performance.

  3. Like most (or all) Airbus products. Flashy, plastic-y, full of super duper innovations, overbudget, late in delivery, has to be government and/or customer subsidized.

    And people make fun of the F-35 and the LCS/Zumwalt/CV Ford fiascos…

  4. Peter, I read your blog every single day. It's safe to say that I am a fan. But it is sincerely getting irritating to see "Watch in full-screen mode for best results" after every single video you post. Even the ones which have such low resolution that full screen is not appropriate. I have come to expect better from you.

  5. Wow, I felt my stomach churn when pilot took off like that. I can't imagine what it feels like to do that your 1st time, I would likely need a change of underwear, lol. You can tell I'm not a pilot.

    Thanks for the link.

  6. For the A400 max take-off weight is 310,000lbs, empty weight is 168,000lbs. You could load 12,000lbs of fuel for a total of 180,000lbs and be 130,000lbs (65tons!) below Max take-off weight.

    Also remember that max take-off weight allows for an engine failure during take-off. So a plane that can take off at 310,000lbs on 3 engines (103,300lbs per engine) in this video weighs 180,000lbs on 4 engines (45,000lbs per engine). It had better climb like a home-sick angel!


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