“Shun the unbeliever!”, politically correct edition

I don’t know the work of SF author Jon del Arroz, but after seeing how disgracefully he’s been treated by the politically correct SF ‘establishment’, I’m going to remedy that.

Mr. del Arroz recently published a very well received SF novel, ‘Rescue Run‘.

However, because he supports the current President of the United States, he’s found himself ostracized and pilloried by the science fiction ‘establishment’ in his native California.  He describes it on his blog.

I’ve spoken, between Baycon [the Bay Area Science Fiction Convention] … and sister convention Con-Volution, at Bay Area Sci-Fi programming every year since 2012, which culminated in getting me stints at San Diego Comic-Con to present on panels for back to back years …

. . .

But the convention, despite their namesake, has changed so it’s no longer about Bay Area authors. It’s not about Science Fiction either. One only has to go back to their last few years of programming to see what matters to the powers that be who have taken it over: it’s a place where politics transcend everything.

. . .

The reason I was disinvited was because it is well known that I support the President of the United States, duly elected and all, and that I’m happy about the way the country is being run.

. . .

Baycon and its sister convention Con-Volution have been headed down this path for years, and I have heard stories about how local cons across the nation are facing similar problems. When conventions stop being about fun, and start being about grievance and hate, less and less people attend. They’ve been seeing this trend go on for years without a clear solution, as local comic-cons, anime cons, gaming cons and the like have skyrocketed in membership. Each year I keep seeing the same people ask why, and the answer is right in front of their faces. Each year, they double down with hyper-charged political programming, presenting only one side.

When you turn something that is fun, something that people pay good money to come connect and enjoy into something, only to be faced with a browbeating, angry, and exclusive situation, you lose people.

There’s more at the link.

I’ve experienced such rejection at first hand.  A couple of years ago, I found myself threatened with ostracism after I objected to a senior editor at Tor Books characterizing sympathizers of the Sad Puppies campaign as ‘neo-Nazis’.  Those threats didn’t bother me in the least, because I was willing to bet no-one from the ‘politically correct’ side of SF had ever bought my books anyway!  I’m angry that such ostracism is still going on.  From my own experience, Mr. del Arroz has my sympathy.

I suggest to you, dear readers, that the best way we can show our contempt for and rejection of such partisan political poison in the literary world, is by supporting those against whom it’s directed.  I haven’t yet read Mr. del Arroz’ book, but on that basis, I recommend it to your attention.  (It’s free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers, and only $4.99 to purchase in e-book format, so it’s a bargain.)



  1. I've stopped attending the local SF society's meetings, and seldom go to the local convention anymore, because of just this sort of thing. There were many incidents that led to that decision – "rules for thee but not for me" and so on, but one in particular sticks in my mind.

    A number of years ago, when George W. Bush was president, I remember being in the dealer's room when someone came back with a piece he had acquired from the art show – a painting of a very small island with one very large tree dominating it – and somewhat loudly announced, "… and this is the tree we'll hang the Republicans on come the Revolution!"

    It wasn't so much that he said it, and said it loudly enough to carry; there are always loudmouths around. It was that he said it expecting approval, and got it.

  2. Thanks Peter. The support from the whole spectrum of center to right community, especially Castalia House authors, has been incredible. I am incidentally, quite a big fan of your work. 🙂

  3. Yeah, bought it a few days ago to support him. I'm only a few chapters in at this stage, but so far quite enjoyable.

  4. I read your writings everyday, I have all your books and like them a lot and on the basis of your recommendation alone would have bought the book, the rampant politicisation of fun is just another reason to do so.

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