“Silly Wizard” vocalist Andy Stewart needs help

I’ve put up video clips of the Scottish folk group ‘Silly Wizard‘ from time to time.  If you don’t remember them, here’s the group on its farewell tour in 1988, performing in Atlanta.  The song is ‘Donald McGillivray’, and Andy Stewart is the singer.  (I wrote about the strange history of this song back in 2013.)

It seems that Mr. Stewart is in serious medical difficulties, and in need of help.  His sister writes:

In the last four years Andy M’s health has deteriorated to the extent that he has gradually lost his business and livelihood.  Through a series of medical misadventures, and in September 2012 a failed spinal surgery, he has lost all mobility and was paralysed from the chest down with many other medical complications. Last September he had emergency surgery which he was not expected to survive, but he’s a fighter and his spirit won through. He is now still recovering in hospital where he will remain for quite some time to come.

Having lost so much my brother is facing a situation where he will need to leave his home and move to wheelchair friendly accommodation. He will need daily nursing care to assist his living. He does not ‘meet the criteria’ for entitlement to a motorised wheelchair because he has the use of his arms, even though this kept him housebound for many months. Except for when someone visits to help get him out of the house that’s  what he will go back to.

There’s more at the link.  It’s a fund-raising page where she’s trying to raise £50,000 (about US $80,000 at current exchange rates) to buy him a motorized wheelchair and the other items he needs.  She’s provided regular updates at that link.

I’m certainly going to join the fund-raiser, because Silly Wizard’s music and Andy Stewart’s singing have been part of my life for many years.  I’m sure at least some of my readers can say the same.  I’d be very grateful if you’ll please consider donating to the extent that you can.  I’ve known people caught up in similar situations.  It can be soul-destroying to know that the technology to give you a degree of independence is available, but you simply can’t afford it.

Let’s give something back to Mr. Stewart for the years of listening pleasure and wonderful music that he’s given us – like this song, his own composition.



  1. I'll get something into the kitty. Crying shame, and sounds like socialized medicine is alive and well over there, to the detriment of those that need it.

  2. This is a disaster. But, doesn't the U.K. have socialized medicine? Or is it something like we just got – if you have $$ you're ok, otherwise start emptying the piggy banks?

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