Small Dead Animals lays it on the line

I’m obliged to Small Dead Animals for putting up three videos of student activists at Evergreen College, back in 2017.  They’re very important as a way to understand what’s happening in American society today.  The blog notes (bold, underlined text is my emphasis):

What happened at Evergreen College in 2017 was a pilot project. As you watch these videos, you’ll recognize terms and phrases that are being repeated everywhere we turn today.

These are the people now cancelling academics, sports figures, and celebrities; holding corporations hostage; ripping apart hard science; demanding bent knees, destroying property and tearing down statues.

You’ll see in these students and agitators the same incoherent authoritarianism, demands for submission, public humiliation and violence; of those in authority the same capitulation and eagerness to be co-opted.

This is why the media — from news and opinion to sports journalism, has curled into a fetal position, repeating the mantras of Black Lives Matter like North Korean hostages. “Don’t hurt me”.

Now Evergreen College has gone nationwide. It’s important that we understand this is no longer the fringe, that tens of thousands of youth have been indoctrinated into this cult. From Human Rights Commissions to cancel culture, it’s been a long time coming. I still don’t think many fully appreciate the danger we’re in.

Click over there to see the three videos for yourself.  It really is worth your time to do so, because in them you’ll see in microcosm what we’re seeing on our streets today.

I agree with SDA:  many people don’t realize, or understand, or appreciate, that many college and university students have been indoctrinated to be the “useful idiots” of an actual Communist-style revolution.  If we don’t stop them, we’re going to see that revolution triumph – and that’ll be disastrous for our country as a whole, and for every freedom-loving individual.



  1. I saw another blog refer to this as "The American Kristallknacht" and said that if Dixie disappears, then old Glory won't be far behind.

  2. TAKEN OVER?! by TENS OF THOUSANDS of snot nosed STUDENTS?! listen…if the authorities are not up to this, all they have to do is say "we're out of this. you guys do what you need to do" and it will be over in a week. the problem is you can't say "you guys aren't doing anything" and at the same time say "if you do anything, we'll put you in jail"

  3. Linked back from my place.

    We're in the opening moments of a socialist revolution. This has been planned for years, including the training that Small Dead Animals talks about.

    As always, it's not college kids – they're the useful idiots. The World Economic Forum is in the driver's seat, along with the names you're familiar with like Al Gore and George Soros. This time it also involves a lot of companies, like Mastercard, Microsoft and more. They're in it because they expect to get something out of it.

  4. I find it bitterly ironic, from a historical perspective, that they did this to a Jew, though I suppose these folks understand literally nothing about history, and lack the self-knowledge and the integrity to admit they have become the fascist pigs they reflexively denounce.

    On the other hand, a liberal arts college that is as far Left as Left can get seems like the natural place to sow the wind and reap the whirlwind. A place that has dedicated itself to tearing Western civilization down from the inside out ought to self-destruct in the same manner.

    I have a theory: the world attacks Jews and the Church because God's Chosen People, and we Gentiles who have been grafted onto Abraham, in our separate ways remind them that God is real and will not be mocked.

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