Smoke and mirrors, wrestling and politics and reality


I can only say, I wish I’d written this article myself.  It’s that good, that accurate.  It’s raw and in-your-face about where we are now with all the war-talk about Ukraine and Russia.

A wise man once wrote, “American politics (and most democratic politics, really) cannot be properly understood without a working knowledge of professional wrestling” … Professional wrestling is a business. It was born in the circus. Promoters and talent would seek to entice the public with the promise of a violent spectacle in the hopes of “putting an ass in every eighteen inches of seat.” The business changed over the years as it adapted to technology like the rest of the world, growing from local carnival acts to territories to global franchises, however, the core of it remains the same. Through the use of a persona or ‘gimmick’ establishing The Good Guy (or ‘Babyface’) and The Bad Guy (the ‘Heel’), the two engage in a simulated fight. The wrestling itself is merely the medium. What matters is the story, and the more personal it is, the better their chances of seducing the ‘marks’ to come and pay to watch it play out.

Ain’t that America.

Here we stand poised for war yet again with the last one barely even cold. Like the announcers calling a pro-wrestling match, those charged with manufacturing consent have supplied us with a story in which the beleaguered Babyface must face a dastardly Heel, and by God how we’ve come out for it.

. . .

A schizophrenic coalition representing the Grift-Industrial Complex with a crooked-ass elderly dementia patient for a spokesman has been rolling into a midterm election season with low approval ratings due to their sheer incompetence and corruption, and no sooner than they call for blood against foreigners, RINOs fall in line with them, ready to snatch a defeat from the jaws of victory like the Jobronis they are.

The fools can’t seem to grasp that the Globalist-Left is not only on the brink of starting a war in which Red State sons would disproportionately be paying America’s butcher’s bill, but the tools developed in GWOT and refined in the plot against President Trump, the Canadian Trucker Protest, and now Russia will be directed against people like us who object to living under the diktats of GloboHomo. They will run headlong to secure the borders of Ukraine or Taiwan (or rather, send others to do so), yet when it comes to doing something about those who have declared war on us here at home, suddenly their martial vigor fails them and they sit like good little school boys awaiting instruction from their teacher. They let their enemies tell them who they should fight, then wonder why they always seem to lose. Charlie Brown had more self-awareness. In a way, I suspect it must be a bit of a relief for some. Having a faraway spectacle elsewhere offers a distraction from just how corrupt the ruling class is here and dulls the messy responsibility of having to do something about it.

. . .

The more I’ve looked into this conflict, the more I’ve found I don’t know a fraction of all the nuances running wild in it. Most of what I have to go on is the word of a class of people who have lied to me my whole life, and I wouldn’t trust them to scratch a dog’s ass. They can piss up a rope. What I do know is that however bad the toll of dead and wounded are and could be with the current combatants, it pales in comparison to what will happen if this regime manages to deploy forces in earnest. Should that happen, I have no doubt the old infantry adage will prove itself true in that “the best laid plan goes to shit once the first boot hits the ground,” and by the end, their cute little ‘humanitarian intervention’ will look like just another grisly shitshow of a war and that’s the Red Hot Gospel.

Those with hearts now bleeding over Ukraine lament the suffering there, and rightfully so. However, the world is filled with such suffering. My friend James LaFond lived in Baltimore most of his life and over the years watched it descend into the status of a war-torn third-world shithole in places. Where is the outcry to ‘do something’ and save the people there from the lawless who prey upon them? We can only surmise it’s not the scheduled match and doesn’t benefit the promotion.

It is my hope that serious men with cooler heads can reason together and come to an understanding that can grant both sides an honorable peace. God knows that part of the world could use it. It’ll have to come from them though, because I cannot imagine any in power on our side with wisdom sufficient to foster such an accord. Those jackals are fit for nothing but the gallows. Regardless, for those in the contested areas, it is my prayer that this ends soon and with as little blood spilled as possible. However, it ain’t my war. My war is here

In response to my Okie compatriots in the State Legislature and others across the country, I would remind you it wasn’t Vladimir Putin who has been conducting a scorched-earth culture war upon our beliefs, history, and identity, and degraded our social fabric to the point we now have to fight against the normalization of transsexualism. It wasn’t the Russians who outsourced our productive capacity while sending us upon one misbegotten war after another and flooding the country with drugs. It wasn’t ‘Ivan’ who caused the biggest wealth transfer in human history with the Covid scandal, fomented riots across the country, or “fortified” the election. Most of the ills I’ve seen metastasize over the course of my life, with increasing speed over recent years, were not the result of some foreign plot, but were born right here. Rattle your sabers against foreigners on the other side of the planet if it makes you feel better, but don’t confuse that with bravery. It just makes you a mark. If you truly wish to show your quality, summon the courage to attack the very real patronage networks who guide our course. Bring your powers to bear against those who shape the opinions and policies by which we live and die.

. . .

I hope as this deadly farce plays out, more and more Americans will come to grips with the fact we are being lied to, and have been for a very long time. And while the loss of that illusion we’ve known and identified with for so long is painful, once free of it, there remains the possibility of building something better. Something real.

There’s more at the link.

I have nothing to add to what the author has said.  Go read the whole thing, and please circulate it as widely as possible.  It deserves the biggest audience we can generate for it.



  1. "Lied to"?!?

    Should we send so much as one platoon or one manned fighter aircraft to Ukraine?
    Did TPTB do everything in their power to instigate this war, as distraction, and excuse?

    Does that somehow absolve Putin from rocketing and shelling civilian targets with wanton abandon?
    Are the women and children blown apart and buried under the rubble any less dead?
    Does the off-screen pushing and pulling to get this event kick-started somehow make the Russians noble warriors fighting a just war of clear national interest, and thus morally blameless?


    Many times the actor playing the douche actually IS one in real life, and he's just being typecast to his strength.

    The only lie here is pretending this is all "just a show for the cameras".

    The destruction is real.
    The blood is real.

    Any commentary that attempts to mock that into a mere theater show is fit for nothing but fertilizer for the rose garden, having proceeded from the tailpipe of a bull.
    There's no nuance in that; it's simple cynicism in service of God-damned sociopathic nihilism.

  2. @ Aesop,
    I'm terribly myopic; I can only see as far as Kenosha; maybe on a clear day to Portland. There are vast areas in quite a few cities in this country that would be worth as much as my life to drive through, to stop at a red light.

  3. LOL the Circus Barker in Pavlovian Fury has arrived. The SHOW must Go On!

    And as usual He completely avoided the meat of the story. He took his tiny bit and barked loudly about it.

    This Author said NOTHING about the horrors of war you're drooling about in Ukraine wasn't real. HE Said Saber Rattling about THAT across the globe doesn't make for a HERO when OUR OWN HOUSE is a fire with Globalists and Homosexual grooming of our children and all the voting cheating is going on HERE.

    Pretty soon with all the Pavlovian Anti-Russian Cheering on our side we soon will HAVE the Same REAL Dead and suffering on our own shore.

    But HEY, the Show must Go On!

    Until the limelight's are replaced with the Canned Sunshine of nuclear weapons, Oh my.

    The Boobus Americanis is stumbling into a "Controllable Little War" THINKING he-she-they can see it on TV like a reality show. Popcorn, a beer and my Lazyboy, Oh my.

    It's not going to be little brown people starving in the dark with their cities afire, it will be Americans.

    I think I'll plant some more potatoes.

  4. In this Russian/Ukrainian conflict, isn't it odd that the leaders on both sides are/were members of the World Economic Forums "Young Leaders" program?

    I saw a sticker in the background of one of Steve Bannons videos "there's no conspiracies, and there are no coincidences" (or something to that effect.)

    Well, as Dwayne Johnson has said, professional wrestling isn't fake, it's staged.

  5. Isn't it ironic that aesop can be so certain about the evils of the feds and their lying ways but he's happy to get righteously indignant about alleged Russian atrocities being peddled by…you guessed it! The very lying scumbags he claims to despise. Oh, that's right, we're supposed to take the word of the crooks and cronies in Ukraine and the State Dept and their media fabulists at face value, even after they've been caught faking various stories and photos and videos time after time. Yes, the Russians are nad guys. So are the Ukrainians. So are the NATO and US. This is a bunch of gangsters having a turf war. Nothing more. Terrible that the innocent are caught in the crossfire but there's a reason they call war a hell. The US has done more than its share of killing innocents. I'll save my righteous anger for the monsters here in the US who murdered tens of thousands w their Death Jabs and Scamdemic lockdowns.

  6. Michael, if you were as bright as you think yourself, you'd be dangerous, but suffice it to say that with your five whole minutes' experience, you've obviously missed the past decade or so where I've gone into depth and detail (as has the bloghost here) decrying and cataloguing all the problems you apparently just discovered last week.

    Thanks for popping off, and popping by, but really, if you can't add to the actual discussion, rather than taking weak ad hominem peanut-gallery potshots from your vast fund of received wisdom, get your own blog, instead of crapping the carpet as a guest in other peoples', and see if anyone cares what you have to offer.

    I'm betting that's a hard "no", but that's only based on every experience with you in but a few exchanges. If this is the best you've got, you're not ready for prime time, and the one thing the internet has no shortage of is people with aught but a keyboard and little to brag of between their ears.

    Peddle it under your bridge, and see if it sells there.

  7. @boron,

    Your self-confessed myopia is noted.
    You might have perhaps noticed that I wouldn't send Ukraine so much as a single American life, nor have ever advocated for any such thing.
    Or perhaps that was too far over the horizon from Kenosha?

    But out of idle curiosity for whom the bell tolls, how close to your patch are the predicted fallout patterns from the nearest Minuteman silos and SAC bases?
    Do you even know?

    Will it matter to you then, or would you like to come up for a look-see a bit earlier than that?

    Just wondering if it's worth your life to realize that isolationism died an unlamented death back around 1917, and it's far too late in world history to put the toothpaste back in that particular tube.

  8. @cheezus,

    Peddled? Alleged?
    So Ukraine isn't happening?
    No atrocities have been committed?
    Your feigned agnosticism knows no bounds.
    Show all work please.

    Righteous indignation is not an either/or equation.
    Unless you've actually done something about the more local atrocities you claim to be worked up about, it would seem you're simply equally apathetic and impotent about all of them.

    It's a free country, but let's be honest about what we choose, shall we?

    Fauci's only ahead now because he's had a multi-year head start.
    Going forward, prodigious as Fauci's total is, it should be noted he isn't in charge of some 6000 nuclear weapons.
    But you knew that already.

  9. Aesop, I am far less intelligent that you, Sir.

    However, I notice that Peter has a voice here also. If I offend Peter, I shall apologize.

    However, the points your seemingly offend by stand without any redress from yourself.

    Yes, you have decried various troubles of our once great Republic over the years. I've never challenged that, indeed agreed many times with you.

    However, throwing gasoline on a bonfire no matter how sweetly you put it with NO Troops and so on seems to be your current bone of contention with the world. People LISTEN to you.

    Would be nice if they listened to you about things we could fix in America.

    Meanwhile, our own home is afire, and this "little controllable war" is a "Look Squirrel Distraction" allowing people to not notice the ongoing little war of our leadership to law abiding Americans.

    If Putin is a fraction the insane person you speak of you better be right that his own people will destroy him to prevent canned sunshine from decorating our country.

    And it is my opinion that given the real-world damage of the PROXY War to the energy systems, fertilizer systems and at least for Russian and Ukrainian Winter and soon Spring Wheat that far more than high gasoline prices will trouble our country's citizens. That is a shockingly high proportion of the world's calories BEFORE the fertilizer shortage created by the sock puppets distraction war.

    In the real world ™ revolutions and general chaos occurs when real hunger stalks the streets.

    And finally, even if Evil Putin is assassinated as Mr. Lindsey Grahm Senator has publicly called for a 3rd time this week, the Russian's who might claim it, might have to blame it on the West with probable nasty issues occurring thusly. For less world wars have occurred.

  10. People are happily wholly ignorant or blissfullly apathetic of what's going on under their noses without any help whatsoever from the invasion of Ukraine. What would be nice would be if they took the trouble to actually fix things anywhere. Starting here would be nice. But a motionless lethargic supertanker of ennui needs first to move. One needs momentum before direction can be applied.

    But Putin, to exact expectation, has now resurrected the long-absent spectre of having a nuke land in your backyard.
    That's about as here a problem as is possible to have.

    I see that. You evidently choose to overlook it. Best wishes with that predilection, and I hope it turns out for the best for you.

    The world's food problems have been with them always. Eventually, having exhausted all other options, it will dawn on people here that we have been and can easily become again energy and food self-sufficient, regardless of anything any other nation does. Discomfort will be the rule here; famine will be the expectation elsewhere.

    And ending the war, by ending its architect, would be the most elegant solution to all those problems, leaving us just the problem of the banana republic illegitimacy inflicted on us here, roundly ignored by one and all until world events have proved rather a salutary wake-up call.

    So clearly, not all "distractions" are as bad in the long run as you might have imagined.

    None of that excuses your pointless and utterly off-topic ad hominems. And they aren't even good ones. Get a better schtick.

    Disagree all you like, but try to stick to the topic, rather than trying to tear down the people that disagree with you. Unless that's all you've got to bring to the table. If that's the problem, take your lumps like a man.

  11. Mirror check Aesop

    Some of your comments fit you pretty well.

    "None of that excuses your pointless and utterly off-topic ad hominems. And they aren't even good ones. Get a better schtick."

    Maybe if you spoke to the material instead of doing your own ad Homem attacks (Much like this one) folks would actually talk to you.

    Or maybe you prefer to Talk TO other people and not listen?

    "Disagree all you like, but try to stick to the topic, rather than trying to tear down the people that disagree with you. Unless that's all you've got to bring to the table. If that's the problem, take your lumps like a man."

    Aesop I'm not the one that regularly tells folks to "Stop SUCKING Putin's Junk, Break Suction and other sexual perversions YOU use in almost 50% of your posts and replies.

    Do you SEE a Pattern when you look into that Mirror, Sir?

    Be the man I know you are and accept not every word that passes from your mind is the final truth.

    Proverbs 25: 8 Don’t be too quick to tell a judge about something you saw. You will be embarrassed if someone else proves you wrong.

    9 If you want to tell your friends about your own problems, tell them. But don’t discuss what someone told you in private. 10 Whoever hears it will lose their respect for you and will never trust you again.

    What you posted about marriage recently should have been between friends, not a public outcry.

    You don't have a Camp Snoopy, I live at mine. You probably don't have a garden while I'm currently expanding mine to include a 1/4 acre potato patch as I foresee many of my neighbors will be happy for an extra 50 pound sack of potatoes this fall.

    Please spend more time Aesop and that COVID overtime you speak of getting yourself a nice bolt hole out of that city. I NEED Dirt time away from the Operating Room to balance my life.

    Your smarter than I Aesop, but I have more peace of mind. Seek the Peace of Mind friend.

  12. I don’t believe anything the media says anymore. I’m far more concerned about the commies ruining this country than I am about Russia or Ukraine.

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