So far, so good . . .

We’re in Wichita, Kansas at present.  We got here late yesterday afternoon, after a late start from home.  Since we were both tired, we decided to break our journey here, rather than push on.  It’ll mean only a few hours’ drive to our destination on Sunday, but that’s OK.  We can take our time and enjoy the scenery.

We’re enjoying our rented vehicle.  My work truck is 12 years old, and Miss D.‘s small SUV is 11 years old, and neither is as comfortable (or reliable) as more modern vehicles.  In particular, my back complains about the narrower seats in Miss D.’s vehicle – I’m a big guy.  In order to make the journey more bearable, we splurged on renting a Toyota Camry, which is proving very comfortable.  (We’re trying to rent a different make and model of car each time we do this, so as to get an idea what’s out there.  In due course, when we come to replace our existing vehicles, we’ll know what suits us, and we’ll look for a reasonably-priced used example we can buy for cash.)

I don’t know most of Miss D.’s extended family, having met only a few of them.  It looks like this funeral will also serve as an impromptu family reunion, so I guess I’m going to make up for lost time!  I’ll let you know if I survive the experience.  I’ll try to put up a few more blog posts during the course of our journey.  Regular posting will probably resume around mid-week.



  1. While you're there, I recommend a stop at the Old Cowtown Museum, if you have time. As a writer of westerns, it may interest you to see what a town of 1870s-80s looked like.

  2. I remember when the old ones started to go in my family. I was just a pup at the time, and it was always a huge family gathering to remember the old days. Kids didn't spend much time with the old ones, they were too busy with each other.

    I sure wish I would've, though. Most, if not all, were born in the late 1800's. I can't imagine the stories…..

    I hope you enjoy your time with the in-laws, and have a safe trip.

  3. I know what you mean about impromptu family reunions. My dad died about 6 weeks after my wife and I got married. She met most of my side of the family at the funeral.

    Continued safe travels.

  4. Prayers for all. And the joke about them using a logchain as a windsock at the little grass strip north of Wichita Mid-Continent? It's not a joke.


  5. Funerals are a bittersweet experience. Paying respects for the deceased, you 'catch up' with family you haven't seen in a long time (in some cases). Good – bad memories are shared and you remember why so-in-so isn't your favorite human. Or you find them changed with time and now find they aren't so bad after all.

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