So far, so good

Miss D. and I made it to Forrest City, Arkansas, this evening.  At Phlegmmy‘s recommendation, we followed US 82 across the top of Texas, joining I-30 shortly before the Arkansas border, instead of driving back via Oklahoma and I-40 as we’ve done before.  The scenery was certainly more interesting, but there were many points going through towns where we had to slow down.  I’m not sure whether we’ll come back that way.  We’ll see how a heavily-loaded truck behaves.

My dreaded lurgy has behaved itself so far today.  I didn’t have any solid food except some crackers, which probably helped:  but after more than 48 hours without being able to keep down solid food, I was getting seriously hungry, to the point of being light-headed.  We went to a local Chinese diner this evening.  I’ll see whether my tum can hold down supper . . .

Tomorrow morning it’s hi-ho for Nashville.  Thanks to everyone who kept us in their thoughts and prayers.  Please don’t stop!



  1. Here's hoping for an uneventful travel day. Partner in Grime is on the road, Chinese is sounding pretty good for bachelor dinner tomorrow.

  2. You've been sick like that and broke the fast with Chinese?

    You are a braver man than I. I usually go for something ridiculously stable, like Cheerios.

  3. You're in my state tonight. Enjoy. We are in north central.

    Safe trip!

    Hope you keep your dinner down and improve soon.

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