So much for salad bars . . .

I had to laugh at an article titled ‘How Chinese Ingenuity Destroyed Salad Bars at Pizza Hut‘.

In China, Pizza Huts are either take-out only or somewhat upscale sit-down restaurants that even serve steak. A while back, it became a fad of sorts to build enormous fruit and vegetable structures at Pizza Hut salad bars. The reason was that customers only got one plate and one trip to the salad bar, so they wanted their visit to be worth it. And was it ever.

The result was truly amazing and wonderfully creative plates of food.

There’s more at the link, including many photographs.  Here’s just one to whet your appetite.

There’s even a YouTube video showing how it’s done.

Yeah, I can see why they stopped offering the salad bar!



  1. But, but, but … Communism WORKS.

    There is no self-interest in Communist China – everyone will only take what they NEED.

  2. Gluttony, thy name is china pizza hut salad bar!.
    Was this just a demo, or constructed to feed how many families?.

  3. lol… when i was in college in the late 70's the only place to eat near the college was PH… they used bowls for the salads. We would fill the bowl up.. then use cucumbers to add sides to the bowl – effectively almost tripling the capacity of the bowl. This lasted about a year until they switched to flat plates. So we like to think it was us that started this trend *Grins* Of course these creations are much more…

  4. You see this all the time where a handful of selfish assclowns ruin something so EVERBODY must suffer or do without. Proof that the concept of shame is dying a grotesque death.

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