1. It is pretty ridiculous, isn't it. Objective reporting is very rare nowadays. Why don't editors just write at beginning of article "THIS IS OPINION, NOT FACTS. ANY RESEMBLANCE TO THE TRUTH IS PURELY COINCIDENCE".

    They are upset that alternate news conflicts with their opinion and are attempting to make it as hard as possible for them to exist. Who is the judge of what is right or wrong – why they are of course.

  2. People! Credit where credit is due! They got it right on the last one… and I can imagine that the two readers they had left probably lost their minds.

    One would have to read the story to be sure of course.

    I ain't gonna do it…

  3. I was nonplussed to see their recent article demanding that the country eliminate the electoral college, or Leftists would refuse to pay their income tax.

    It was downright delusional.
    No, putting the monies you owe into an escrow account that will transfer the funds "upon the United States becoming a democracy" does not count as having paid your taxes. You will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, owe the full amount plus penalties, on top of losing the money you so foolishly put into the escrow.

    I'm trying to decide whether the author is really that stupid, or whether he thinks he can get enough suckers to buy in that he can live a comfortable life somewhere without extradition agreements with us.

  4. I'm no fan of Trump, but their write-up was crap. If you're going to 'honor' someone by putting them on the cover of your magazine and naming them your person of the year, then at least stick to the facts when you explain why.

  5. Yeah, they pretty much used it as an opportunity to rehash all the sensationalist worry-bait and media manufactured accusations the press has been driving for the entire campaign. Plus too many column-inches of praise for all the wonderful things Obama has accomplished.

  6. Split-personality subjective moodiness?
    Like anyone else who's prominent TIME has to "ride the current waves" like most anybody else I guess.

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