So non-profits and charities are aiding and abetting illegal aliens…


… in open contempt for the black-letter law of this country (although the Biden administration’s policies on the subject are just as much in violation of the law, and it turns a blind eye to those who do likewise).

That should make you very angry.  It certainly makes me angry.  The question is, what can we do about it?  If well-funded charities and NGO’s are helping to scatter illegal aliens like grass seed all across our country, how can we make them pay for such conduct?  If possible, can we make them pay so high a price that they’re forced to stop these nefarious practices?

There are a number of things we can do.  For a start, let’s stop donating to charities that are misusing our donations to do this.  Do your own research.  Look up the charities that are aiding and abetting illegal aliens, and simply don’t fund them.  A recent investigation by a Congressional representative identified a couple of them:

Gooden indicated that the biggest propagators of this operation were the Catholic charities of San Diego and the Jewish Family Association, nonprofits with prominent donors – including AT&T, Bank of America and the federal government.

(Catholic Charities, let it be said, is now so politicized and “woke” that it’s got precious little Catholic about it, let alone genuine charity.)

Some national organizations like this can be identified, but many do their work through local surrogates that aren’t as much “on the radar”.  It’ll take leg-work from locals to identify the individuals and organizations that are organizing the illegal alien influx in their area.  The more of us that do that, the quicker we’ll find out who the enemies of our laws and constitution are.  One hopes that somebody will set up a central registry to keep tabs on who’s doing this, so that the word can be spread.

We can also go after donors to these organizations.  Those identified by Congressman Gooden are just the start.  Examine the records of the charities and non-profits you find, and see who’s listed as donors:  then write to the donors, call them, and generally make a nuisance of yourselves, demanding that they cease their support for organizations that defy our laws in this way.

Furthermore, stop donating to such organizations yourself, and stop donating to their parent or “umbrella” organizations.  For example, the United Way has a huge fund-raising drive through federal government agencies and departments, and distributes its income to member agencies, many of whom are complicit in this nonsense.  The pressure on federal employees to contribute can be very strong.  Instead of buckling under that pressure, refuse;  or, if it would be damaging to your career to do that, make the minimum possible donation (cents rather than dollars, if you can get away with it) and stop your donation as soon as the annual fund-raising drive is over.

For Catholics, you should know that Catholic Charities is an official arm of the Church.  I’ve seen many times (from the inside) how the work of Catholic Charities is encouraged and supported by liberal bishops, and redirected to politically correct, even extremist causes favored by them (including the illegal alien influx).  Simply stop giving to them:  and, if your Bishop or diocese supports such causes, stop donating to them as well, and to your parishes.  Hit them in the pocketbook where it hurts.  You’ll get their attention.  Jews can treat the Jewish Family Association in the same way – and their local synagogue, too.

Finally, spread the word.  Make sure people in your area know that the organizations you identify are doing this, and let them join in the rising chorus of disapproval.  Point out that our taxpayer dollars, and our charitable contributions, are effectively subsidizing an illegal alien invasion that will cost all of us dearly in years to come.

We can’t afford this illegal alien influx, and we should not be asked to support it.  There is no reason for most of them to be here except economic migration.  The majority are not “refugees” at all, and of those that are, the vast majority had already reached “safe harbor” nations outside their own countries.  They just want to be in the USA because they see it as a cornucopia of government benefits and free handouts.  I’m sorry, but we already have too many freeloaders of our own.  I want illegal aliens expelled as quickly as possible.  Please God, we’ll get an administration in the not too distant future that puts America first, and does just that.

(If you’re in any doubt about the immense problems caused by illegal aliens, and by governments and organizations that aid and abet and contribute to the problem, go read what Sarah Hoyt has to say about it.  She, like me, has seen it from an outside perspective – and we know from bitter experience just how damaging it can be.)



  1. There are 'charities' that maintain aid stations on our side of the Tex/Mex border with water, protein bars, and the like. Humanatarian aid for the illegals coming over. Yes it is tragic when they die, and many do, in the summer heat trekking across the Texas semi-desert brushland, but I still have a hard time accepting aiding them in this fashion. Many ranchers and people that just live in the country near such stations say the illegals know exactly where the stations are and actively seek them out, much to the detriment of those that live near them. Break ins by the illegals are very common, so additional traffic in your area leads to more problems.

  2. Hey Peter;

    The Catholic Charities have been doing it for a while because the folks south of the border are Catholic and they are increasing the flock when they are brought here. The loyalty of the church transcends borders. That is how they are justifying it to themselves, and screwing the rest of us in the process. I was raised Catholic and I am disgusted and dismayed by what I am seeing. I'm a good Christian but I am also a good Citizen and this cannot continue with the unraveling of the national fabric.

  3. Once again it is time to 'review' where our charity dollars go… We've done this previously with Wounded Warriors, the Red Cross, and others. Sigh…

  4. I donate to causes such as the Marine Corps Toys for Tots, the local Salvation Army, Second Amendment groups and local animal-oriented charities. With them, I can pretty much see where my money is going.

    There is something else you can do, and it isn't really charity per se. When you go out to eat, tip the wait staff biggly. A couple of weekends ago I gave one waitress a 100% tip. Young lady had been on her feet all day and we came in late, but she was still cheerful and did a good job taking care of us.

  5. i worked the influx of Cubans back in 1980.
    Catholic Relief was big into the money side of releasing them into the US
    $1200 per back in 1980 was significant change.
    Ain't nothing changed except the amount. More nowadays.

  6. Much unrest and socialist uprisings in Central and South America were formented or aided by the Catholic Church, using Catholic Charity monies mostly collected from the United States.

    And some Catholic collections went to fund unrest in Ireland back in the day, from before Ireland broke free of British rule and after in Northern Ireland.

    The innocence of the Church is covered in the blood of true innocents, sadly.

    And now this. What part of Catholic Charity involves smuggling islamic men of military age into Catholic countries like Poland (yes, Catholic charities are involved in the muslim refugee issue in Europe. Up to their collared little necks, with full knowledge of it by all the bishops, cardinals and the pope.)

    It's not just our southern border. It's every 'civilized' nation on this Earth that Catholic Charities and the Catholic Church are involved in destroying.

    Why? I don't understand. After the Spanish Reconquista, after the loss of Transylvania and lots of Eastern Europe, after the push by the islamic hordes against Greece and Malta and everyone else, why does the modern Catholic Church, both the religious and secular parts, push for it's own destruction?

    This. This is why I am a non-attending Catholic. I am more Catholic in my heart than many priests and definitely more than the pope.

    1. I wish Switzerland had jure sanguinis citizenship like Italy. Neither one of my grandmothers we're naturalized citizens of the U.S..

  7. And from my Jewish perspective, it really frosts me that so many Jewish groups are giving aid and comfort to helping people who scream DEATH TO AMERICA! and DEATH TO JEWS! into the US.

    G-d damn Barbara Spectre.

  8. Why can't we crowd source a database of charities to avoid? First, I would be happy to help on something like this. I have done IT Project Management in the past. We would ideally, first need a host that is not controlled by the big web hosting services. Keep it simple. Gather a bunch of technically minded people who can volunteer a small amount of time for building a web interface for an open source database. Once built, community can submit charities with documentation to be added as they are verified. We'd just need to set standards. Someone knowledgable in non profits and what to look for would be ideal. Simplifying but it is doable.

    1. The non profit person can help us map out common relationships between different charities to develop the database map. Geography, direct and indirect contributors, etc. I know enough tech to be dangerous but about zero on charities and how the orgs work and connect to each other.

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