1. Oh, I dunno, CNN might be the Platonic Ideal of "Journalism" just utter crap when it comes to genuine *REPORTING*.

  2. Two reports so far of students or their parents pulling out of that CNN town hall dog and pony show because they refused to parrot scripted questions designed to foster the network's agenda.
    And a credible report that this pitiful excuse of a sheriff knew the day after the shooting that not only the school resource officer but three other of his deputies remained outside while the shooting continued. But he was still eager to heap scorn and blame on the NRA and Dana Lauch (sp?) on the CNN pile on show.

  3. If I were a resident of Broward County, I would want that sheriff fired right now.

    And by the way, my unwritten rule-of-thumb is that the competence of a Sheriff or Chief of Police is inversely proportional to the number of stars on their collar. Four stars – really. Is he the equivalent of the chairman of the joint chiefs?

  4. So true. I remember back when CNN came on the air, I was watching it on an old C-band satellite receiver. Back then, it was just "Headline News", and it was one of the first, if not the first, 24 hour news service. I watched it a lot and it was pretty good. These days, I don't bother. It's just trash, and left wing propaganda. I watch Fox when I watch the news, unless that little pervert twit Shepard Smith is on.

  5. Good analogy. CNN is worth watching if you want to see just how inaccurate the propaganda is today. Some of it is made up of whole cloth, some of it is a fish story, and some just little white lies.

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