So, when is Mitt Romney going to apologize?


Readers may recall that in March, former Congressional representative Tulsi Gabbard claimed that the USA was funding more than 25 biolabs in Ukraine, conducting research on “deadly pathogens”.  In response, Senator Mitt Romney immediately accused her of “parroting false Russian propaganda” and spreading “treasonous lies”.

Well . . . guess what?  The Pentagon on Thursday finally admitted in a public statement that there are 46 US-funded biolabs in Ukraine.  (Click the image below for a larger view.)

I love (not!) the emphasis on “peaceful” Ukrainian laboratories.  Given that most of them were former Soviet Union biological laboratories, with an emphasis on weaponizing diseases and using them as weapons of war, I find that somewhat less than convincing.  I think the truth was that the USA was analyzing all those former Soviet bioweapons, not just to learn how they worked and how dangerous they might have been, but also to ensure that if push comes to shove in future, this country would know how to create them – and countermeasures to them – as well.

As for funding 46 laboratories . . . ye Gods and little fishes, why so many?  Wouldn’t one or two have been enough?  The sheer number of facilities argues that this wasn’t just common-or-garden academic or medical research.  That’s a proliferation nightmare.  Who was in charge of this effort?  Who was keeping track of all those programs, coordinating their progress and collating their results, and deciding what was important and what not?  Was this just another example of US funds being corruptly used to kick back money to our politicians?  If it wasn’t, how can you prove it with so many rabbit-holes to run down?  It sounds like this whole effort was deliberately designed to make it impossible to keep track of where the money went.  As Sundance has pointed out:

Inside the DC beltway Ukraine is very important, stunningly important, because Ukraine functions as the corrupt money laundry operation for DC politicians to receive taxpayer kickbacks from their financial support into Ukraine.

So, now that we know Ms. Gabbard was telling the truth, and not “parroting false Russian propaganda” or spreading “treasonous lies”, when is Senator Romney going to apologize for making such scurrilous allegations about her?  He claims to be Christian, after all, and that means apologizing and putting things right are a moral obligation upon him, not just optional.  Is his faith more than skin deep, or is he just another amoral politician who doesn’t give a damn about ethics, truth or anything else?

I’ll be watching and listening with more than a little interest to see what he does next . . . but I suspect I’ll be waiting in vain for him to do the right thing.  Based on his track record in the Senate, I fear the truth is not in that man.



  1. "Why so many?"

    There are quite literally hundreds, if not thousands, of biolabs in the world, studying everything from human diseases to plant diseases, and as we've seen recently, things that start half a world away can create problems here. Imagine, for example, the potential consequences for world food markets of a new strain of wheat rust going unchecked through Ukraine's fields–they would be quite similar to what is going on right now.

    Also, you don't study actual biowarfare stuff in level-3 biolabs, and that's the highest level any of the ones in Ukraine are at.

    If you want to contend that Western elites are helping Ukraine for invidious reasons, fine, but this is not evidence of anything more than "maybe helping other countries deal with biological threats is a good thing." (Also, exactly what is warlike about developing countermeasures to bioweapons?)

    1. 3 is the highest level that they admit to… now. Tulsi knew about half of them an that was denied. I'll bet that we find out that one or more are much higher level.

      This is clearly a secret DoD/intel project as well as money laundering operation. The money laundering is probably part of the research coverup

  2. Tom, could you show your work that the Biolabs in the Ukraine are "Level 3" and maybe describe your specialized skillset that allows you make that statement?

    No parroting Aesop's words doesn't make it so as he's not an Bioweapon Expert YET.

    Countermeasures means you can BUILD the Weapon BTW. Basic logic here. Cannot TEST a countermeasure UNLESS you have the Actual Bioweapon on hand to "Kill".

    1. The burden of proof is on the accuser. Show me evidence that there's a level-4 biolab in Ukraine besides "I trust China and Russia more than the West."

  3. And developing "counter-measures" can be just as threatening as developing the actual weapon, particularly when those weapons are intended to deter aggression. Which is why we ended up having negotiations and treaties about anti-ballistic missle systems.

    In fact, it's almost impossible to distinguish between an aggressive weapon and a defensive weapon, when it comes to deterrence.

    Why so many in the Ukraine? Were they ALL old Soviet labs? And if so, why keep them ALL up and running? The cost of modernizing that kind of facility is not trivial. You'd think after 40 years that some of them could have been mothballed and demo'd by now.

    No, something stinks about the Ukrainian biolabs. The mere fact that there was so much hemming and hawing about them from State and Pentagon when they were disclosed should be enough to raise some honest questions that aren't being answered.

  4. Labs that run blood tests are biolabs, labs that check for strep and anaylize piss samples are biolabs. Most colleges have biolabs. Heck, I think some agricultural businesses and places that import food have associated biolabs (to check for food borne pathogens). Saying that a place has a biolabs is pretty much the same thing as saying that you found evidence of a developed nation with hospitals and food that is intended to be eaten by humans and other animals. I mean the article even mentions at least some of the places are 'health facilities and diagnostic sites', which roughly translates to hospitals, in the case of human diseases, and veterinary clinics, in the case of animal diseases.

    If these labs were anything serious we'd be hearing way more about them, but so far all I've been able to find is that the vast majority of them were in possession of samples of salmonella and e coli. Two admittedly dangerous, sometimes deadly, diseases, but nothing you couldn't get from a grocery store.

    Not an expert in all things medical, just grew up in a place that was literally surrounded by biolabs, from the most mundane and harmless sort to a few that were the subject of local urban legends. Now I live even closer to even more because of all the hospitals and medical complexes in the area (within less than half an hour drive I have my choice of something like five locations any time I need to get blood work done, including one within easy walking distance). Like, if I wanted to I could make it sound really terrifying, but biolabs are kind of just a thing.

  5. My gut feeling is Fauci and Dod used the Ukraine labs for bio disease work they could not do in the US. The research was based on a foundation created of Russian bio weapon work.

    The truth it seems of defense of bio weapons defense research, is it’s the same as offensive research.

    There seems to be a lot of let’s see if we can weaponize x and see if possible, and then figure out a defense.

    And if the us was willing to fund covid research that involved gain of function in China, which is incredibly stupid and we are still paying for it, and the us lied about funding / support…

    I am sure that U.S. funded disease research with support was done in the Ukraine.

    Good post about declining trust in the US Government:

  6. Oh, yeah, y'all- there are innocent, peaceful little study sessions going on all over Ukraine, funded with the money of the American people, and the representatives of those American people are getting rich (some of them) and the Russians were using these labs, innocently enough to STUDY ahem, you know harmless little ummm, wait a minute.

    The American people are getting fleeced, their representatives are getting rich through nefarious means, there is war in Ukraine, and we put up with lying liars like Romney as a representative? What, exactly does that lying liar REPRESENT?

    It is time that lying liars and sodomists be exposed to some Old Testament justice. Waiting on the Word.

  7. Okay, so if the biolabs were so mundane, why did fedgov initially deny nnnnot only any association but the very existence of the labs?

    Arguing what level, or what work the labs were/are involved in is a red herring.

  8. Mitt will apologize when he agrees that he was wrong. Have any of us seen Any of Them actually admit to being WRONG? So, I'm gonna say Never,

  9. It could be as simple as what was planned, but not implemented, in Iraq after the war where we were going to hire the remnants of the Iraqi army to keep them from doing what a lot of them ending up doing, using their skills against us. We might be paying the people with experience in bio labs so they don't hie away to some place where the powers that be are unfriendly towards us, working on weapons to be used against us. Of course, that would require somebody in our government actually working for OUR interests.

  10. Tom and Ferric make that point that blood work labs are considered bio labs. However, they ignore the fact that these labs were not open for inspection to see just what they were cooking and that the US swept their information off the web and then repeatedly lied about them.

    They ignore the Russian documents and evidence presented to the UN after capturing the two labs under the Mariupol steel mill. There evidence of emergency destruction of materials were found. Why would you destroy a simple lab that had no nefarious activity?

    In a veterinarian lab there, evidence of an unusual, particular strain of TB was found. That TB was the TB individuals in the Donbas area were getting for no apparent reason. The Russians also found Turkish drones with tanks and aerosol dispersing capability. Russia is bad. The evidence they presented is pretty solid.

    There are too many lies about the labs and about the Ukraine situation to just say "Well, they are just low level labs that were not for gain of function or weaponizing nasty bugs" and ignore the facts. The lies are on both sides, but the public evidence shows a great deal of illegal activity by state actors.

  11. Ferris said:If these labs were anything serious we'd be hearing way more about them, but so far all I've been able to find is that the vast majority of them were in possession of samples of salmonella and e coli. Two admittedly dangerous, sometimes deadly, diseases, but nothing you couldn't get from a grocery store.

    And when was the last time this administration or MSM ever gave us the truth?Shoot yesterday Fidens Ministry of Lies was asked a question about Fidens mental and physical state….The question's response was one should not ask but damn seems the previous administration got that same question for years.

  12. "Biolabs" are to bio warfare labs as houseflies are to houses.

    Get back to me, anyone, when you have smoking-gun admissions that we were funding bio-weapon research in Ukraine. Wish in one hand, and defecate in the other, and guess which one will fill up first.

    And post Gabbard's complete claims in full context, and let's see what she actually alleged.

    I hold no brief to cover for Mittens, but of the two, Gabbard is arguably less accurate, and probably less bright, though the race to get under that bar will be a near-run thing for two such over-estimated and under-performing governmental intellects (which last two words are a prize-winning oxymoron).

  13. I can say that by the mid-1990's that there was support for a number of investigations in the Ukraine, supported by both DOD and the State Department run thru the WHO

    I was asked to do some field assessment work looking into old Soviet sites that showed statistically high rates of cancer and child disabilities that were thought to have been linked to heavy metal exposure. They later decided it was more cost effective to train the Ukrainians to do the work and they sent a PHD who we trained for 6 weeks here in the states. There were a large number of labs that became part of the program that worked with universities here and in Europe doing tissue and blood analysis.

    It turned out to be linked to radioactive contamination of the drinking water supply in several areas. I am sure the epidemiology studies are continuing today if money was made available.

    Would the US government do work overseas that it is not allowed to do here?

  14. Peter –

    Mitt Romney is a politician. Anyone, ANYONE, who is a politician, at any level, wants to be in control of other people. As such, they will do, or say, almost anything they think they can get away with get in that position of power, and once there, stay in the position of power or move up to a higher position of power.

    Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts. Now he's a senator from Utah. He spent 30-40 years in Massachusetts, and only established residency in Utah to run for Orrin Hatch's senate seat when Orrin retired, since he knew he probably couldn't win in Massachusetts. He's "from" Utah just a wee bit more than Hillary is "from" New York.


  15. Dear Tom, a fine defense.

    Old saying in a court of law "When the Facts support you argue the facts, when the law supports you argue the law, when Neither support you argue the feelings".

    We the People have been in an abusive relationship with our government for some many years. And THEY control almost every bit of information that gets into our media. Alternative media is often discomforting to Americans so used to spoon feeding pabulum.

    Denying any existence of Biolabs, then admitting, then denying and then whitewashing it sounds like the argument of an Abusive Spouse Or maybe the pathetic long suffering subject of the abuse.

    Ever hear of Stockholm Syndrome?

    So "Burden of Proof" is on the US lying abusive government in my humble opinion.

    Or as Aesop recently said we will conform until we get a bullet (or fatal disease) in the back of the head while standing in the grave THEY told us to dig.

    But rejoice as Aesop has reported a rumor that Putin is in a coma and we should pray for his soul to rot in hades.

    I personally am praying that's not so as Putin was the MODERATE in Russian Politics and unless the CIA manages to dump someone "Sane" (Read American Owned) that ICBM Canned Sunshine will arrive to dig that grave for you.

    And given the CIA's long list of "successes" in emplacing Pro-American dictators into office (Do I NEED a sarc tag here, given the troubles those dictators gave us later, THIS ONE will have Nukes) I rest quietly knowing my benevolent government has my best interests at heart.

    Judgment of Judah level of leadership. Maybe we ARE the Whore of Babylon and we will as Revelations says going down in mere hours.

    Praying for wisdom

  16. @Tom: With all due respect (?), you come across as dementedly blinkered. For heaven's sake, the USA has just publicly admitted to funding 46 biolabs across Ukraine for years. WHY??? What possible reason could this country have for funding literally dozens of biolabs in ANOTHER country? Why not conduct that research here, where dollars are spent to benefit American workers and facilities? If what's being studied is "too dangerous" to be studied here, then why, precisely, are we putting another country's citizens at risk rather than our own? If it's not moral or ethical to risk American lives in such studies, how is it possibly more moral or more ethical to risk the lives of others? Where is a detailed accounting of how such funds were spent, and what results came from them? "By their fruits you shall know them" – but if we can't be told their fruits, how can we know whether the money was well spent or not? And how much of it came back to this country as corrupt kickbacks? (There's more than enough evidence of that, from "10% for the Big Guy" downward.)

    We have more than enough facts and admissions to ask such questions and make such judgments: yet you're equivocating, splitting hairs, and evading the issue. I'm sorry, but you're beclowning yourself, if not worse. This is not an ideological issue. It's an issue of fact and consequence, regardless of who's in power or what their ideology may be/have been. If you can't see that, I urgently suggest that you need ethical and moral recalibration.

  17. The Pentagon, CIA, NSA, and many other government agencies have long been compromised by a powerful world elite. The purpose of these biolabs was not to defend an American citizen, but to research and commit subterfuge in a quest for world domination. China may have been involved in some way as well.

  18. Peter,
    "For heaven's sake, the USA has just publicly admitted to funding 46 biolabs across Ukraine for years. WHY??? What possible reason could this country have for funding literally dozens of biolabs in ANOTHER country?"

    1) One obvious reason is that a biolab neither requires nor implies research, per se, except in the broadest and least technically accurate sense. There's a biolab within my ER: we dip urine samples. QED
    2) I'm going out on a limb that it's probably a better idea to fund the labs in the country where Chernobyl is located, coincidentally where there were also hundreds if not thousands of tons of rusting Russian chemical and biological weapons and facilites for storing and handling same, up until 1990. I'm just spitballing, but I'm pretty sure by way of contrast that there aren't too many Soviet weapons stocks needing deactivation or mitigation in Iowa or Arkansas, but I'm open to counter-evidence on that point.

    3) When someone has smoking gun evidence that the US was doing or funding bioweapon production and/or conducting prohibited research in Ukraine, lay it out on the table. Thus far, from the entire worldwide web, we have seen bupkus in reply to that request.


    Thus Gabbard's innuendo is purely from outherotherendo.
    As usual, and as expected.

  19. THIS:

    Mitt is not Christian – he is Mormon. Not the same thing at all.

    Not in the same universe, either.

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