1. Considering some of the work that goes into some of these costumes? Yup.

    I've been to DragonCon in Atlanta numerous times, and I've seen some SERIOUSLY impressive stuff.

  2. Hey Peter,

    Yep the Atlanta Dragoncon has gotten pretty big, now the characters walk a parade..Serious effort goes into those costumes.

  3. Are ALL of those costumes fan made? In this day and age of promotion, SOME of those costumes had to have been made by pros, in an effort to promote the ComicCons.

  4. I don't know about this one, but most of the cons that have costume contests have some definite rules regarding the costumes. Yes, there are pros making them–but they're also the ones wearing them, because that's how they make the money. There's a lot of talent out there in costuming-just-for-fun…

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