Some extraordinary knife skills

I’m amazed at the skill displayed by this Chinese chef with the tools of his trade.  The commentary’s in Chinese, but one doesn’t need to understand it to appreciate his talent.  Watch in full-screen mode for best results.

And now I’m hungry, too!



  1. That is gung fu. (The term isn't just about hitting and chucking people about, it's any sort of skill and mastery of that skill.)

    Yet many Chinese restaurants and groceries hack up chicken and duck, ignoring the bones, with similar-looking cleavers, leaving sharp skeletal fragments embedded in the meat as hazards to the mouth and GI tract, should you be so unfortunate as to bite on or swallow a bone needle. What kind of person hacks a drumstick into three fragments anyway? It's profoundly unnatural!

    And now I'm also hungry.

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