Some great Navy video

Courtesy of Chant du Depart, here’s a video clip of Navy aircraft landing on carriers.

It’s thought-provoking to realize that many of the hard-learned skills demonstrated in this video are slowly being automated, to the point that even a novice pilot may be able to land on a carrier in a few decades’ time.  The computer systems aboard modern military aircraft and carriers “talk” to each other, coordinating the approach and landing, so that even at night, in a howling gale, driving rain and zero visibility, landings and takeoffs may eventually become “normal”.



  1. Lori Gattuso said:
    I could never trust a computer for that. Never.
    Go look up a CAT III landing.

    Computers have been flying the hardest approaches for longer than I've been flying.

    –Dave, former CFII

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