Some great travel photography

An Australian Web site has just published the winners of its annual Big Picture competition, for photographs taken while on vacation.  Here are just a few examples.

Moraine Lake, Canada

Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park, Alaska –
brown bears catching sockeye salmon

There are many more images at the link.  There’s some beautiful work there.  If any of my Australian readers know where we can find larger copies of the pictures (suitable for desktop background use), I’d be grateful if they’d please leave a comment with the link.


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  1. "Desktop backgrounds"? Well, OK, but how about a source for very high quality enlargements suitable for framing? I see a couple I'd pay a reasonable price for in 16X20 or 24X32. (And, to photogs, please pay particular attention to the words "reasonable price." Good art and attractive pictures, I appreciate; buying you a Lexus, not so much.)

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