Some really hairy landings and takeoffs

Here are some of the hairiest crosswind landings and takeoffs I’ve ever seen, filmed at Birmingham airport in England during the past winter.  Note how the wings flex under the aerodynamic pressure. I recommend watching the video in full-screen mode.

I’m glad I wasn’t aboard any of those planes . . .



  1. One of those go-arounds was different from all the rest..was he going to fly the whole pattern with his gear down?

  2. scratch one destination from my list…query, what airport has the highest number of aborted landings? I have no idea myself.

  3. Between the wind and that roller coaster runway it's a wonder any of them land safely. They couldn't move some dirt around and make a proper runway I wonder?

  4. That one at around 9 min, I'm amazed they didn't shear the gear with that side load… And some of those takeoffs were out of limits… Or I'll eat my hat!

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