Some steampunk music to sing you to sleep

Sorry about the lack of posting today.  I’ve been so busy the past couple of weeks preparing manuscripts, covers, etc. that I decided today was time to recharge my batteries.  Miss D. and I spent the morning walking around Nashville Zoo, enjoying time together, having fun with frisky critters (and hordes of noisy over-excited sugar-high kids), and generally relaxing.  This evening we went round to Oleg‘s place, where I cooked supper for the three of us plus another mutual friend.  Oleg and I tackled the preliminary design for the cover of Book 2 of my military/space-opera science fiction series.  So far, so good!  I’ll give you a teaser glimpse of it when we’ve made more progress.

Miss D. and I are back home, both rather tired, and ready for an early night.  I’ll leave you with a fun new music video from Caravan Palace.  Wikipedia describes them as “a French Electro swing and Gypsy Jazz band based in Paris”.  If that makes sense to you, good!  Their music seems like a cross between jazz, ragtime and steampunk, and I think this video gives it very creative expression.

Look for more blog posts in the morning.  Until then, sleep well, y’all!



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