Someone had WAAAAY too much time on his hands!

I shudder to think how much time, effort, matches and glue went into this.

I think, if I’d spent so much time and effort building that, I might have shed a tear or two as I watched my creation destroy itself.

Oh, well . . .



  1. 750 Hours. And that's all he produced. Yeah, it's a cool video, but I can't fathom why someone would spend over a MONTH doing nothing but playing with matches.

  2. Spectacular, but stupid.

    How much does a million matches cost? What is 750 hours of your time worth?

    All for a very entertaining couple of minutes.

    Oh well, at least it was his own money and time, so who am I to complain.

  3. The video has had only 103,400 views. And the 'lift off' was a wire attached to the nose. The wire was edited out but the shadow is there.

    People look for novel, exciting ways to build a You Tube channel. I reckon this is one of those. There are people making huge money from YT channels.

  4. Phil said…
    I suddenly feel much better about just how much time I spend cleaning rusty old tools for some reason.

    You SHOULD feel good about that, Phil. At least 'rusty old tools' are useful! I've given away my old tools that still worked to friends and relatives. I don't think that I've thrown away a useful tool in my life…

  5. There's a kind of Buddhist ideal to it — you know how some Buddhists will make those elaborate sand mandalas, and then finally destroy them ritually as a form of commentary on the impermanence of life?

  6. If it was concentrated effort, yeah, nuts.

    A bit assembled in odd moments… I can see that.

    BUT I am still reminded of the description of Assembly Programming: You spend an entire afternoon to coordinate a single lightning strike. (Of course, you can fire that lightning bolt a second time, IF you properly saved it.)

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