Stand by for a deception operation to derail November’s elections


While everybody on the right of US politics is getting excited about a potential “Red Wave” in November, I’ve been watching the left of US politics.  They don’t appear overly worried or dejected by what they see in opinion polls or media commentary.  In fact, they’re doubling down on their message that it’s all about abortion rather than the economy, or inflation, or President Biden’s catastrophic record in office.

That tells me just one thing.  They think they’re going to win in November, or at least keep losses to a manageable level.  If they’re not worried, it can only be because they have something up their sleeve.

I may be wrong, of course;  but after 2020, I don’t think I am.  Those who manipulated that election are bound and determined that they won’t be called to account for their misdeeds.  There’s simply no way they’re going to sit back and allow the voice of the people to override their political imperatives.

How are they going to do it?  I don’t know . . . but I’m pretty sure it’ll involve some sudden crisis that can be used as an excuse to delay, or postpone, or even cancel the elections.  The explosion of a nuclear weapon in or near Russia or Ukraine?  Some other military provocation, such as a Chinese assault on Taiwan?  Another major terrorist attack inside the USA?  An economic catastrophe of some sort?  It’s anybody’s guess, but I’m sure something is planned.

Sundance notes that in 2018 and 2020, precisely 15 days before each election, the FBI produced evidence of some or other plot to disrupt the elections.  Today, precisely 15 days before this year’s election, they’re doing the same thing, alleging “multiple threats to the nation’s election security infrastructure ahead of the midterms”.  Same old, same old . . . from a visibly and demonstrably corrupt security agency.  I’m far from convinced.

I note, too, that an acolyte of the World Economic Forum, Rishi Sunak, is to become the next Prime Minister of Britain (in a flat-out slap in the face to the regular members of the Conservative Party).  He’s in lockstep with the WEF’s economic policies, and can be expected to enthusiastically propagate their message in Britain and those nations where it has influence.  Britain’s new King, Charles III, is similarly on board with their message.  I can only presume that the WEF and its minions have manipulated Sunak’s selection, and plan to use it to bring Britain back into line with their objectives.  Will Britain rejoin the European Union?  It wouldn’t surprise me, seeing that the WEF controls the EU and all its member nations through the European bureaucracy.

Would the globalist powers like to see the USA remain in lockstep with the same message?  They most certainly would . . . which is yet another reason why I’m not at all sure the voice of the people will prevail in next month’s election.

I truly hope and pray that I’m wrong, and that November’s elections will be free, fair and honest.  However, I doubt that very much.  The state of our electoral systems across the nation gives me no comfort in that regard.

I guess we’ll see what happens . . .



  1. Seen Schumer, pencil neck, the large congressman from Atlanta in the new lately?
    No, they and others are busy behind the scenes organizing the battalions of lawyers, thieves, bought judges, and Charlie Crist clones for the theft of this election.

  2. I agree with:
    While everybody on the right of US politics is getting excited about a potential "Red Wave" in November, I've been watching the left of US politics. They don't appear overly worried or dejected by what they see in opinion polls or media commentary

    In 2020, people were wondering how come Biden hid out in his basement and didn't campaign, while appearing unworried about the election, even though there was huge enthusiasm for President Trump. Well, he had reason to not be worried as the 2020 "election" proved.

    I'll note that the Dominion voting software machines and the ballot mules (2000 mules) are still in place. Until something is done to remove them and punish the offenders, voting fraud will continue. And with the Soros judges & DAs in place, bringing cases showing evidence of fraud to the legal system for remediation is useless. In fact, the refusal of the Soros judges & DAs to hear a case will be trumpeted by the MSM as "proof" no fraud took place.

    So it looks like history will repeat itself.

  3. The left pulled off an open, blatant, in your face fraudulent election and got away with it in 2020. It was so successful that they have successfully demonized and intimidated anyone who dares challenge them on it.
    They're going to double down this year with confidence that they will get away with their crimes again.

  4. The bigger question is why the states can ignore federal law concerning mandatory retaining of ballots for audit purposes.

  5. If they try and steal the lection again I believe we will go into CW2 maybe not right away but the country will dissolve as there will start to be massive unrest. Biden's Admin is out to destroy this country and if there is not change in Congress and in the states then the country will be destroyed.

  6. You could solve that voting "problem" by having a lottery sales computing system put in place. Dominion stands ready to help.

  7. One possibility (hopefully remote) is that they move ahead with their false flag "dirty nuke" event in the Ukraine, and so suspend elections due to the emergency they created.

  8. We continue to "follow the rules" while trying to get rid of this wave of evil attacking our nation. They (our enemies) do not. And they know that as long as we attempt to be the "good guys" we will lose. There comes a time when we must put down the rule book, roll up our sleeves, temporarily set aside the rule of law, and do what needs to be done. Even Jesus said 'Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword' (Matthew 10:34). A sword is what we need now.

  9. The last time they stole the election and as they control 95% of the media they don't have to worry about any serious problems.

    None of the evidence showing the election was stolen was reported as anything but a lie. My wife watches this crap and believes it, it it's on the news it's fact (unless it's on Fox).

    If they are allowed to count to count the votes again without any honest observation I expect the election to go the same way the last one did.

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