Star Wars – Australian edition

This parody fan movie dates from 2013, but until reader Snoggeramus directed my attention to it, I’d never heard of it.  Half an hour of creative and Australian-sense-of-humor funny – what’s not to like?

See the movie’s Web site for more information.

It looks like there are a whole raft of Star Wars parodies and fan films.  See this list for the details.



  1. It was near the end before I realized that it has English subtitles. Which are hilarious in their own right.
    That's… quite something. I caught some Australian references (Nedtroopers, light boomerangs, various kangaroo-related critters and transports: kind of hard to miss), and the web site explains some others, but I know I'm missing a lot more.

  2. What do you mean English Sub titles!! We speak English down here, Aussie English. I especially liked the Nedtroopers!

  3. Are "bloody" and "bugger" the only two words Australian men use? Ten minutes in and I'm still waiting for the humor. I guess you had to be there.

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