Staying alive in today’s urban crime and unrest


Like it or not, many of us live in cities and neighborhoods where crime is surging, political tensions are rising, and the risks to life and limb have never been higher.  I don’t see that getting better anytime soon.

Ken Hackathorn, well-known to generations of shooters, law enforcement and military professionals, offers his thoughts on self-defense and staying alive in such an environment.  It’s ten minutes of your time that’s well worth spending.

Words of wisdom, particularly in a situation where the justice system may not be on your side.



  1. Good advice. But to be honest, it was always my first inclination to avoid the need to use my weapon. I am in a better place than most, here in rural Tennessee they would have a hard time finding a jury to convict in a self defense case, and STILL the best way out is to avoid if possible. But the other side of that, do not wait until you are too late. Use violence early enough to save you and your loved ones.

  2. @ Tim- I agree. Every time I leave the house carrying I pray that I will not have to use my pistol in defense of myself or innocent bystanders.

    There is no shortage of liberal activist prosecutors wanting to make a name for themselves, or "statement" about "gun violence"-even in firearms friendly states like NC where I live, and no doubt in well.

  3. I had somebody ask me if I would have stepped in to stop the 20min rape on the SEPTA train from a few months back.

    I laughed when I said no.

    She was a bit taken aback. I told her that at one point the concept of being a "sheepdog" was pretty big in the 2a community and that DAs like Krasner and the demonization from the press basically killed it. Krazner (who she voted for) would absolutely have procicuted me, even though PA law and president would have given ample defense – the process would have been the punishment. The media (who she watches) would have demonized me as a supremicest and hounded me, my family, my employer unmercifully. Plus, and illegal from the congo raping a black women – that is a day ending in Y, besides women are strong and independent don't need me to white knight for her. I would have called the cops, which is more than any if the other passengers would have done and that is it.

    Every part of that situation was the result of people and policies she voted for and agitated for.

    My wife or daughter, that i a different matter entirely, i'll go to jail for that.

    Needless to say, she didn't like that answer.

  4. This is the tragic reality. You can do everything absolutely right physically, mentally, tactically, and morally, and still have your life ruined. And it won't make a damned bit of difference what the truth is, either to the prosecution or the press.

    Mr. Hackathorn gives sound advice. Observe, evade, and get home safely, because the government is not your friend in this case (if not ever)…

  5. MNW, youre spot-on in your analysis. If she's one of those who needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle, stand back and let her prove it.

  6. Re: Ken's comment that the cops may not get out of the car.

    Just because they DO get out doesn't mean they will do anything to mitigate the situation they were called about.

    Neighbor ran an errand, with his young teenage daughter in the house alone. Three thugs broke in, and eventually discovered her hiding in a bathroom. She called her father, and then 911. She was talking to dispatch while they continued to attempt to break down the solid wood door.

    The cops snuck up to the house with their lights and sirens OFF, and then surrounded the house in the various neighbor's yards, waiting for them to exit! Those worthless cops only caught 2 of them, and had to call for a dog to find #2. They only discovered there was a 3rd one from someone else's security video.

    It took me some digging to get that info together, and the father was royally pissed when I updated him. He and some of the other neighbors have been buying large dogs since then. Not a low rent area. I think all the houses sell for $1m+.

    BTW, they had used the typical routine of grabbing kitchen knives after entering, and tossing them after exiting the house.

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