Still cruddy

Miss D. and I are still fighting the bug.  We’re pretty sure it’s flu, because I know I was running a fever, and Miss D. suspects she was but isn’t sure.  Fever doesn’t normally go with a simple cold.  We’ve both had the flu shot, but this year’s version is reported to be less effective than usual.  Still, with luck, it will have reduced the intensity of the symptoms.

I’ll try to put up a couple of random posts during the day.  My creativity doesn’t work very well under the impact of generic cold and flu medication, nasal spray, and cough syrup!



  1. LOL Have you tried? It could produce some interesting results. The creative ramblings of a fevered, drugged mind…Let's see Robert Louis Stevenson, Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Dickens, Steven King…

    All kidding aside, you two, get to feeling better.

  2. I seem to have the upper respiratory crud that DadRed is wrapping up with. *sigh* I luuuuuuuuv cold season. NOT!

    Hope y'all keep improving.


  3. I praycthat you and Miss D recover soon. I had bronchitis a couple of times last year, and Zithromycin worked wonders.

  4. Already had that "crud" once this year. Doc in a box said it was a flu like virus that took up residence in my lungs, and it brought its friend, the 103 degree fever along with it. Hope y'all get feeling better soon!

    J.D. Brown

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