Still on the road, with internet hassles

Miss D. and I arrived safely in Amarillo yesterday.  I’m finding the wi-fi setup at our hotel to be a real challenge – or, at least, my computer is – so I’m posting this on my wife’s computer, in the hope that it’ll make it to Blogger.

Alma took us to supper at a place called the Cowboy Gelato Smokehouse.  The name was intriguing, and the menu proved to be likewise.  Who’d have thought of breaded, deep-fried avocado chunks, served with remoulade sauce, as a starter?  Several of their main courses were also inventive and tasty.  We followed the meal with selections from their gelato menu;  I had a combo of lemon chocolate and ‘pomegranite’ (sic), while Miss D. went for limoncello.  Very tasty.

Later this morning we’ll be at the school where Alma teaches, as I try to bring a dose of lived reality to the textbook’s rose-colored view of Africa and the Third World;  then it’s back home this afternoon, to carry on our daily rounds.  I’ll post more once I’m home.

Take care, y’all.



  1. And I would bet, Billll, that someone who hears that talk will scream "RASICTS!!!" and hilarity with "Law Enforcement" may ensue. One does not challenge the Approved Dogma, even if that dogma is an absolute lie.

  2. ..teaching the kids the raw truth; a capital offense anywhere in the galaxy…. R.A.H…
    You may want to keep a recording of your talk, and the pupils responses, just for your records of course….

  3. I wonder if you have tethering in tour cell phone plan? I and a friend were on a trio last summer and the motel wifi was lousy. I had good cell coverage and set it to tether, and we both surfed with good speed. I have a TMobile plan with unlimited data.

  4. Be careful. The truth, ESPECIALLY in a school, is a crime. The left will try and see you hung for such a thing.

  5. I gave up teaching after 3 years in the classroom because of the vast disparity between reality and what the curriculum mandated we teach. My wife was raised in Africa, where her parents were missionaries. Although I worked all around the planet, in more than 36 countries, I never had to work there. Based on what she tells me, I didn't miss anything.

  6. This school is unusual in the latitude we are given (in certain areas) and that we are encouraged to give students the straight scoop, as appropriate to their ages and backgrounds.


  7. Well actually, Harry Flashman, you surely DID miss a lot. And you ought to be damn glad that you did…

  8. Amarillo huh.

    If you have the time, head out about 30 minutes East of town and drive around the Pantex Nuclear Weapons plant. It's the US's biggest nuclear weapons maintenance facility, including the storage area for the cores (known as "pits") of dismantled devices.

    It has something like 15000+ nuclear devices stored there, and contains the world's largest collection of plutonium.

    You can't get real close obviously, but from a distance you can see the long low buildings, domes, guard towers, razor wire etc etc. I'm not a spiritual man, but that place has some serious negative energy associated with it. If you want to feel good, just go there. It will make you feel totally spooked, and very, very happy to leave.

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