Suicide shoes?

I was a bit mind-boggled to read about the latest fashion accessory.

Enter Saint Laurent’s latest must-have accessory — roller skate stilettos.

Yes, you heard us correctly.

Three-inch stiletto heels, with a roller-skate wheel attached to the bottom and a kick-stop brake — because it’s just so easy walking in a normal pair of heels.

Aptly dubbed the Anja 100 Patch Pop Pump Roller, the heels are part of Saint Laurent’s autumn/winter collection and are yours for a mere $2,600.

There’s more at the link.

My immediate reaction was that roller-skate stilettos must surely be a disaster looking for a place to happen;  but it seems they’re not that unusual.  There are even Guinness World Records that have featured them – like, for example, this one.

Verily, the mind doth boggle . . .



  1. I've been informed that women who wear high heels too much have trouble wearing relatively flat footwear, due to structural changes in their feet. It appears that they now have the chance to skate!

    I would expect the Saint Laurent’s skates to be poor handling, due to flex in the minimal footbed and that long, thin heel. No idea what it may have in the way of a truck for those rear wheels. It's most likely use is for standing around, rolling from place to place to chat and drink at parties.

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