Sunday morning music

I’m obliged to reader Andrew S. from Brisbane, Australia, for sending me the link to this morning’s music.  He wrote:

“… this guy normally films real estate videos but had some COVID ‘spare time’ on his hands and decided to see if he could still play the guitar or not.  I think he can, and it’s well worth a few minutes of your time if I may suggest so.”

He also provided a link to a discussion of this music video on an online forum, which I’ll let you read for yourselves.

In the video blurb on YouTube, the composer, Duane Adam, writes:  “Filmed on Kings River in Kingsburg CA during the pandemic because there was nothing else to do.”  I’m very glad he did!  Judge his composition and playing for yourselves.

Andrew, you were right.  Definitely worth taking the time to listen!  Readers, if you agree, let’s see if we can persuade Duane to compose and play more.  There’s real talent there.  Leave your comments at the music video on YouTube, or on the forum discussion (and here as well, of course!).



  1. "My, My, How that Boy Can Play!"
    His style, his taste in guitars, scenery, and, can I say, simplicity–all very appealing…

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