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Last Sunday I put up a number of humorous songs related (more or less) to the coronavirus pandemic.  They seem to have amused readers;  but a couple of my overseas fans wrote in to ask “Who is Ray Stevens?”  We know his comedic brand of music well in the USA, of course, but it doesn’t seem to have traveled far beyond our shores.

Well, I can fix that!  Here are five of his songs, in no particular order, culled from a very long and prolific musical career.  Enjoy!

There are many more of his songs on YouTube, if you’re interested.



  1. My first recollection of him was GiTarzan. "Shut up baby, I'm trying to sing!" Man that was a funny song. Then there was The Streak. We used to run to the radio when he came on. Great memories of being a kid in simpler times.

  2. I think the first one I remember was Ahab the Arab.

    Sure couldn't do that today, and I'm surprised the wokescolds have let him live.

  3. I have been a fan of Ray Stevens for a long time. The Streak was big when I was a teen and many of his others followed. Mississippi Squirrel Revival is hilarious. My mothers favorite is It's Me Again Margaret.

  4. Hey Peter;

    Ah Jeez Peter, Ray Stevens is a classic, I have featured him more than once on my "Monday Music", His "Its me again Margaret is a classic as is "The Streak" and the "Great Mississippi Squirrel Revival", and the video's are great also. The first time I heard Ray Stevens was in 1987 when I was home on leave and my Dad was playing his greatest hits in the cassette deck in his car. Man it was great!

  5. If you're ever in Nashville, make it a point to go to CabaRay – he built a Vegas-style dinner theater (being a Vegas native myself, I can say he did an exemplary job) and does a show that's a mix of music and memories. Sometimes, after the show, he'll come out for autographs and photos, and on occasion he'll sit down at the piano in the bar and jam for a while.

    I've been twice and am looking forward to going again (hopefully sooner than later).

  6. Being from the Trashville area, and born in '65, I grew up hearing Ray Stevens. I think "Harry the Hairy Ape" was the first I heard, when I was very small, but Ahab had to be close.
    Ray is no fool, either–he's shrewd enough to have been investing in real estate in this area for decades, & it's paid off handsomely. Good for him!
    –Tennessee Budd

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