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Newfoundland and Labrador, Canadia’s easternmost province on the Atlantic Ocean, has produced some outstanding folk and historical music groups.  We’ve met some of them in these pages before, such as Figgy Duff and Great Big Sea.  Here’s another one:  The Irish Descendants.  As their name suggests, they’re heavily into Celtic and Irish music, but being from the Atlantic coast, the sea is a primary theme in their songs.

Let’s start with “Rocky Road to Dublin”.  For this and other songs, if you need the lyrics, most may be found at the songs’ YouTube pages, just below the videos.

Now a slower, more meditative tune, “Let Me Fish off Cape St. Mary’s”.

Here’s another rollicking sea shanty, “Barrett’s Privateers”. It was composed by well-known Canadian folk musician Stan Rogers, who died tragically young in an aircraft fire in 1983.

Next, a ballad of a lost love, “Eileen Og”.

Finally, a song with potentially an almost infinite number of verses, depending on the singer’s ingenuity. It’s “Rattlin’ Bog”.

Great music, from an interesting and inventive group.


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