Sunday morning music

I was ambushed this week by a recording of a song I’d completely forgotten – but it was a big part of my younger childhood, because my father would sing it sometimes while making repairs to our old house, tolerating my inexpert, fumble-fingered “help”.  I giggled then, and it’s still amusing now.  It’s by the Serendipity Singers, and was a hit back in those days.

Here are three more by the Serendipity Singers, some of which were new to me.

I was amused to learn that “Beans In My Ears” was banned in Boston, apparently because too many children were doing what the song suggested they should not!  Let’s see . . . tell a kid not to do something, and he does it.  Why does this not surprise me?  (My own youth could furnish a number of examples, as could my well-spanked backside when my parents found out!)  As for being banned in Boston, “the home of the bean and the cod” . . . what could be more (in)appropriate?

You’ll find many other songs by the Serendipity Singers on YouTube. The compilation album “The Best of the Serendipity Singers“, from which these songs were taken, is also available.



  1. My dad used to sing "My Bonnie" with some rather gross words. He'd breakout in that song while we were working on some project.

    I managed to avoid singing that while I was in school. But the first time it popped out after I was married….

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