Sunday morning music

I woke up this morning to find an e-mail informing me of the death of a long-time acquaintance in South Africa.  We were never close friends, but Tony did a lot of good work in that country at a very difficult time, and he and I shared a couple of pretty hair-raising experiences.  He was a good man.  May he find his reward in eternity.

In memory of him, here are a couple of the songs he really liked, and would play over and over – sometimes to the point of being threatened with violence by the rest of us if he did so again!  I daresay I can listen to them one more time, in his honor.  Both are saddish songs, but they fit the times in which we played them.

From British group Hot Chocolate, here’s “Emma“, released in 1974.

And, from a decade later, here’s Alphaville‘s 1984 hit “Forever Young“, from their debut album of the same name.  Lyrics may be found here.

Sleep well, Tony.


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