Sunday morning music

Let’s have a little movie music this morning.  One of my favorite movie soundtracks is from the 1992 film “The Last of the Mohicans“.  It combines Celtic rhythms and American frontier experiences into an unforgettable musical experience (and it’s also a pretty good movie!).

Here’s the main musical theme from the movie, “Promontory”.

The full soundtrack from the movie is available on YouTube. Recommended listening.



  1. I'm really fond of that film as well as the soundtrack. I wish Hollywood would turn out more like it.

  2. Ah. James Fenimore Cooper. His wife was reading a novel and James called it trash. His wife replied, "People read this." James replied that people will read any crap and I will prove it."
    Thus was written last of the mohicans.
    A book with no facts and written for fools.

    Mark Twain likened Fenimore Cooper to a pig that loved to romp in mud.

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