Sunday morning music

I’ve had a bad night, so my mind isn’t working too well yet (more coffee and more exercise will help!).  To keep you going, I’ve picked a couple of Mark Knopfler‘s solo pieces that I particularly enjoy.

From his album “Get Lucky“, here’s “Border Reiver”.  For those who don’t get the “Albion” reference, it was a British truck manufacturer.  Its slogan was “Sure as the sunrise”, which recurs in the lyrics, and “Reiver” was one of its truck models.  Mark Knopfler plays on the original meaning of the term “Border Reivers” in this song.

And, from the album “Privateering“, here’s “Dream of the Drowned Submariner”.

I find it astounding that Mark Knopfler will be 70 next year.  Dammit, he was young only yesterday – and so was I!  Oh, well . . .

There’s lots more of his music on YouTube.  Enjoy!



  1. I've always liked Knopfler, ever since I heard Sultans of Swing years ago. He also did a nice album with Emmylou Harris some years back.

  2. Hearing the song of the drowned submariner had me visualizing my father standing between the diesel engines of his submarine, the Hake. He survived the war (I'm proof of that) & raised four boys. I can only imagine what fears and thoughts were in his mind.

  3. Knopfler is the very best! Such skill, creativity and breadth! My favorite from "Privateering is "Redbox Tree" though after hearing it live the title cut stays with me.I
    The suggestion above by Third Coast is timely and appropriate though Hill Farmers Blues resonates too " …shells for the twelve and razor wire… "
    Boat Guy

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