Sunday morning music

I think it’s time we had some good old-fashioned Irish music.  This morning, we’ll listen to a few of Andy Irvine‘s songs.  He’s been active for more than fifty years, and has amassed a huge base of fans.  He was a founding member of Planxty, Sweeney’s Men, and other very influential music groups, and also has a thriving solo career.  He has so many recordings that it’s very difficult to choose among them;  so I’ve selected three that appeal to me, and I’ll leave you to look for others.

From 1976, here’s a young Andy Irvine with “The Blind Harper”.  He’s performing with Dónal Lunny and Paul Brady.

Here, performing with the group Patrick Street, is “The Holy Ground”, one of my favorites.

Performing with Dervish, here’s a live performance of “The Rambling Siúler”.

There are many more of Andy Irvine’s songs on YouTube.  Enjoy!



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