Sunday morning music – government shutdown edition

I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that some musicians have used government shutdowns as inspiration for their compositions.  Here’s one example.

Since many US government workers are furloughed during a shutdown, here’s one for them.

There are more government shutdown songs on YouTube, if you look for them – not always very good, but sometimes funny.

Oh – in case anyone thinks I’m not taking this catastrophic event seriously, I’ll let the Diplomad speak for me.

I must first remark that this, the first day of the #SchumerShutdown, dawned cold and bleak; the sun struggled to make itself felt, and its weak light cast long, sinister shadows throughout the woods surrounding my house. Those shadows, of course, come from the dying trees and the gasping fauna, unable to survive without the EPA having a full budget. The streets, too, are now almost impassable from the stacks of dead bodies, and from those millions of zombie-like Americans and immigrants left helpless and hopeless from the government shutdown, wandering the avenues and boulevards, crying, pleading, begging, all to no avail . . . I write in the full knowledge that by the time I post this piece, there will be no survivors to read it. I, therefore, leave it as a testament which might be read by alien visitors hundreds of years from now. Aliens in the sense of folks from the planet Xenon, not Mexico, you understand . . . Well, actually, I guess I will be OK as long as the people who write those Foreign Service retirement checks are deemed essential . . . 

Quite so!



  1. the press conference saturday outlining how the Trump administration intends to keep as close to business as usual was very interesting, especially all the things they pointed out that the government could still do under the law.

    Frankly, it's enough that I wonder how much of the 'non-essential' staff should just be cut entirely.

    David Lang

  2. Dead again,

    We all died when Trump got elected, then we died when the FCC dumped net nutrality, then we all really died in the massive apocalypse of the tax cut, and now – the government shutdown. Here I am, dead again.

  3. Excepting for the personnel who are CONTINUING to do their jobs and AREN'T getting paid (i.e. military), the furloughed 'stay home' Federal employees will still get them after they get back to work, just delayed. So essentially – payed vacation, right ?

    At least that is how I understand it.

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