Sunday morning music


I thought we’d have some fun this morning hearing the music of Pink Floyd as it’s seldom performed – unplugged, with no or minimal electronic instruments.  It changes the character of the songs, and forces one to listen to the music and the structure in a whole new way.

Let’s begin with “Shine On You Crazy Diamond“.

Next, “Wish You Were Here“.

Here’s “Echoes“.

And to close, here’s perhaps the quintessential Pink Floyd number, “Comfortably Numb“.  David Gilmour swaps his acoustic guitar for an electric one to perform his signature riffs.

A different slant on some of the most original progressive rock music ever composed.



  1. Sir,
    Thank you for posting these…. what a way to start a Sunday. Gosh, music used to be fun didn't it?
    Back in the good old days, when it was still ours…

    Mike in Canada

  2. Finally had a chance to listen. I have been a fan of Pink Floyd for nearly 50 years. Heck, I am old. They were cutting edge musicians at the time. Thing is they have a great deal of musicality as can be heard in the music being played on acoustic instruments.

    I can still remember in 1975 getting up early (4 AM) for AF Flight Training class and listening to the full length version of Echoes on a local radio station in the Phoenix, Arizona area while getting ready.

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