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I’d never heard of “Bardcore” until, quite by chance, I came across the Youtube channel of a lady calling herself Hildegard von Blingin’ (an obvious play on the medieval abbess, musician and composer, Hildegard von Bingen).  She has this to say:

Bardcore for the discerning clergyman, noble, or muck-gathering peasant.

I am a Canadian singer/illustrator who started making Bardcore in the Spring of 2020. If you’re new to Bardcore, it is a pastiche genre that takes modern songs and makes them “old-timey” through the use of Medieval and Renaissance inspired instrumentation, as well as Shakespearean-ish lyrics.

Unless otherwise credited, the majority of the instrumentals were created by me. They feature a mix of virtual and real instruments, including the Celtic harp, Irish whistle, and recorder. Several videos feature my brother, known here as Friar Funk. 

I’ve picked three of her videos at random to illustrate the style.  Where necessary, lyrics may be found on the track’s Youtube page.  If you know of others who are performing similar music, please let us know in Comments.

Not knowing the Bardcore genre at all (if it can be called a genre), I don’t know yet whether I really like it or not:  but it’s certainly a different take on medieval and modern music.  I’ll try to find more of it, to give it a fair shot.  What do you think, based on these few samples?



  1. It's strangely moving to me. Not sure if it's her soprano voice, those usually are piercing to my ears. The creativity of folks is nearly unlimited it seems. The mix of the simple instruments and the on key singing is like a refreshing lemonade. Simple and satisfying, compared to the computer generated everything else nowadays.

  2. I listened to House of the Rising Sun, mainly because I'm familiar with the song. She has a beautiful voice and did well with the arrangement.

  3. Related, but not von Blingin', look up "immigrant song old norse" on youtube. As awe-inspiring as the Led Zepp original may be, this cover is even better.

  4. What a coincidence. I just found her YouTube channel a week ago and am finding it delightful.

    You should know that the middle selection in your post isn't in any actual language, yet is lovely. It is from the Wheel of Time stories although I cannot say if the song is from the Amazon Prime series or the original book series.

  5. Absolutely love it. Thank You.
    Got your wify's latest. Had a bet it would not disappoint and 6 chapters in and won the bet. Shes good. Must run in the family. Looking to your next [and hers] I hope the combined opps series keeps on for a century or two.

  6. I like it. New ways on old classics. I heard Stairway in about 6 different ways over the last few years. All were good as these.

  7. Listen to her version of Dolly Parton's "Jolene". It makes you realize that what Country music used to be, and Bluegrass, was drawn not from "living in the country", but the "Old Country". It's the music that the old Scots and Irish brought with them, before this country was even its own.

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