1. Nothing sacrilegious about it! New and refreshed. Both versions are gems, and nothing says music can't evolve and be enjoyed in different styles. I would enjoy a little bit of Ritchies style in transforming classical pieces, Boogie Woogie, wets my appetite.

  2. As a musician, I have frequently done riffs on classical pieces. The originals are classics precisely because they're glorious, familiar, and spectacular. They inspire me, I love them, and sometimes I can't help but continue in my own style to add my distinctiveness to what came before.

    Now I sound like the Borg.

    But that's not it at all. I love them, and can't help but play along in my own style. If someone doesn't like it, well … okay. I always return to the original at the end, to conclude. Again, that's my style.

    YMMV, and all that.

  3. I like it.

    Off topic: My son has been after me to read him a western and the covers displayed on the sidebar caught his eye while we were watching. Are there any of your novels that are appropriate (or conversely should be avoided) for young children? He's right at that stage where novels like Treasure Island and the Hobbit can hold his interest.

  4. @Brutus: Try "Wood, Iron and Blood". It's my latest, and the protagonist is 14 years old. He might identify with that.

  5. If you liked that, you may enjoy the Piano Puzzler podcast, in which famous 20th century pop songs are rearranged in the style of a classical composer and the guest has to guess both the tune and the composer.

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