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Back in 1961, a singer named Frankie Lane released an album of Western songs titled “Hell Bent for Leather“.  Far away from the American West, in South Africa, my parents bought a copy and played it for my very young self.  I fell in love with the songs, and wore out that album over the next few years.  I then forgot about it as I grew up, and turned to more modern musical genres.

The other day, I happened to come across a track from the album while searching YouTube for something else.  It brought back a rush of nostalgic memories from my childhood, and I thought many of my older readers might remember the same songs with as much pleasure as I did.  Therefore, here’s a selection from that album.

Mr. Laine seems to have been a big success in many different genres of popular music.  I had no idea until I looked him up for background material for this article.  Be that as it may, his songs helped a much younger me dream of being a cowboy.  I wonder whether that subconscious memory prompted me to want to write my Ames Archives Western series of novels?



  1. Mr. Laine sang a number of theme songs to western movies. Others included Gunfight at OK Corral and Blazing Saddles.

  2. Musically, he had a slight South African connection from his duet (with Doris Day) of the SA tune Sugarbush.

  3. Yep, music from my childhood! And many a movie and TV show, like Rawhide! If you actually read the history of the cattle drives, Rawhide is pretty much on the money.

  4. We had that album too, and I likewise played it so often that my mom finally asked me to play anything else.

  5. "But how were they to know it was the kid's last fight?" "C'mon kid. c'mon kid!"

    Wonderful memories from one of my parents' favorite singers.

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