Sunday morning music

We’ve heard the music of Silly Wizard several times in these pages.  I was reminded of it again by an inquiry about the late Andy M. Stewart, lead singer for the band, who sadly died in 2015.  Since there have been few Celtic music groups as successful as Silly Wizard, or composers and singers as talented as Andy Stewart, I couldn’t think of a single reason not to play some of their songs again.

We’ll start with one of Andy’s own compositions, “The Queen of Argyll”.

Here’s a more meditative, slow-moving, melancholy song;  “The Valley of Strathmore”.

Now for something upbeat – and a song with an interesting and quirky history:  “Donald Macgillavry”.

Let’s slow-time it again with “The Blackbird”.

Here’s one from the Jacobite Rebellion: “Wha’ll be King but Charlie?”

Here’s “Land o’ the Leal”, with a rather amusing introduction and banter between the members of the group.

Time for a laugh with “The Rambling Rover”.

Let’s close with “The Broom of the Cowdenknowes”.

Lovely music.  There’s plenty more from Silly Wizard on YouTube, and almost all their albums and songs are available online.  Recommended.



  1. I saw Silly Wizard perform at the Carpenter's Union hall in Anchorage Alaska in the 80's. During a break, I went up to Johnny Cunningham and said"You're Johnny Cunningham and so am I." We had a good laugh. What great music!

  2. I caught their farewell tour captured on the album "Golden, Golden." and "Live in America"
    Ireland's Four Provinces (DC).
    "Please join us in one last song."
    And we all sang Golden, Golden.
    Excuse me but I must go get a hankie and a wee dram.

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