Sunday morning music

Time for a few laughs!  I enjoy funny songs as much as serious ones, and there are several good ones out there.  I’ve chosen four this morning, and I daresay I’ll do another post or two like this in due course with a wider selection.

To start, let’s have Clinton Ford tell us about The Old Bazaar in Cairo.

Next, The Weavers with The Frozen Logger.

Here’s Maddy Prior, the main female vocalist for Britain’s famous folk-rock group Steeleye Span, performing with another group, The Carnival Band.  The song is a traditional British folk tune, The Prodigal’s Resolution.  I particularly like this version because it involves multiple kazoos and spoons among its musical instruments, played with verve and enthusiasm.  Their sound always make me smile.

Finally, here’s a song from the 1960’s show Wait A Minim!  It originated in Southern Africa, then went to London before opening on Broadway.  It had a number of very funny songs, some of which I’ll use in future blog posts.  This one’s about Sir Oswald Sodde and his wife’s misadventures (or should that be Mrs-adventures?) with her chastity belt.  Due to the fact that there were no less than three cast recordings (for the South African, London and Broadway versions of the show), many of the songs are no longer available.  Fortunately, YouTube has archived most of them.

I hope these helped you start your Sunday with a smile.



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