Sunday morning music

I’ve featured the music of British progressive rock group Magna Carta on this blog before.  Today, let’s hear some of the songs from their first four albums.

From their 1969 first album, Magna Carta, here’s “Spinning Wheels of Time”.

From their second album, Seasons, released in 1970, a lilting melody they called simply “Elizabethan”.

The group’s third album, Songs from Wasties Orchard, was released in 1971.  Here’s one of its tracks, “Isle of Skye”.

And from their most popular album, released in 1973, Lord of the Ages, here’s the opening track, “Wish It Was”.

Just to remind ourselves what some of us looked like, back in the day, here’s the group performing live in 1971, a medley of “Seven O’Clock Hymn” and “Midwinter” from their first, eponymous album.  Hair all over the place!

Younger, more innocent days . . .



  1. Wow, that stuff brings back some memories. I always liked "Elizabethan". Has sort of a "John Barleycorn Must Die" vibe to it………….

  2. Those song just took more years off the clock than I care to say publicly. No comment about the appearances. My daughter found some old pictures and began laughing herself silly. Ahem – just wait, dear …

    Thanks for the good memories!

  3. I never heard of Magna Carta before but to my ear there appears to be similarities between them and Moody Blues.
    I will have to try them on Pandora to see if Pandora agrees with me.
    Thanks for introducing me to their music Peter.

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