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Let’s mix genres this morning in the person of Nadja Kossinskaja, a Ukrainian classical guitarist from Kiev who’s also made quite an impression in the pop and rock worlds.  She’s very versatile, and seems able to blend in with a wide variety of genres, groups and expressions.

Let’s start with her classical guitar credentials.  Here she plays “Oblivion” by Argentinian composer Astor Piazzolla.  She’s using a Concertura guitar made by Theo Scharpach, using 500-year-old wood salvaged from the ruins of the Frauenkirche in Munich after it was destroyed by Allied bombs during World War II.  Details of the instrument may be found here.

Next, she performs as part of the 4tissimo Guitar Quartet in an eight-hands, four-players, two-guitars rendition of “Tico-Tico no Fubá“, a Brazilian piece by Zequinha de Abreu.  Looks like they’re all having a lot of fun!

Time for a change of pace.  Here she switches to an electric guitar and tackles Deep Purple‘s classic rock anthem, “Smoke On The Water“.

She’s also performed with an intriguing Ukrainian percussion group named Ars Nova.  Here they are in a live performance in Kiev.  You’ll recognize Nadja by her hair, rather than her guitar, because she’s not playing one here.

You’ll find more of her music on her YouTube channel.  Sadly, it doesn’t appear to be on sale to any great extent in the USA, although it’s more freely available in Europe.


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