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Here’s something different for your listening pleasure.  Faun is a German group, self-described as “pagan folk”.  They’re in the tradition of many other modern groups who interpret old folk music styles (and occasionally original songs and tunes, as well as their own compositions) in modern rhythms and settings.  The group’s name is derived from the German Faunus, the name of the mythical ancient Roman horned god of the forest, plains and fields, analogous to the ancient Greek god Pan.

Here are three songs from Faun to whet your appetite.  The first is “Hörst du die Trommeln” (“Do you hear the drums?”), the band’s entry in the German preliminary round of the 2015 Eurovision song contest.  It wasn’t selected to represent Germany in the finals, but is still a rousing piece in its own right.  I’ve chosen to leave the video in its full form, including the introduction and comments in German, to set the scene for those of you who speak the language.  The lyrics, including an English translation, may be found here.

Next, here’s “Sonnenreigen” (“Sun Dance”), a song for the ancient festival of Lughnasad, which marked the beginning of the harvest season and was traditionally held on August 1st.  Lyrics may be found here.

Finally, here’s “Federkleid” (“Feather Dress”), a song in praise of birds and the urge to fly like them.  Lyrics may be found here.

I find their music relaxing and entertaining, and I hope you did too.  You’ll find many of their songs at the group’s YouTube channel, and more information at their Web site.  Much of their music is available on



  1. I like Egil's saga. I use that to explain, "The first stories were not movies, or they were not even told; they were sung."

    I was outside for a weather class and we were not sure the thermometer was right. I went to my car to check what it said the temperature was and Faun's "Dance with me" was on my player. My student loved it.

  2. Peter, Thank You , for the link to Faun. Been listening to them far too much [laughs here] the last few days. They are wonderful. At least as good as Celtic Woman, which I highly recco, maybe better since they serve a niche that is more pagan based [its Germany of course, sig Heil!], than Celtic. Celtic Woman is an Irish group and their utubes make great listening an viewing. I'm almost certainly going to get some of Faun's albums from the belly of that beast [Amazon].
    I listen, using my laptop, and a Bose noise cancelling headset that is spectacular. Had the thing for years. If you, or anyone else, is interested they are Quiet Comfort 15. The test is to put them on they switch them on with the power switch mounted on one of the ears. You can hear most of the outside noise fade down to almost nothing. Wonderful.

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