Sunday morning music


On this Easter Sunday morning, what better way to celebrate it than with George Frideric Handel?

Lovely music for the holiest day of the Christian faith.

If you’d like to hear the full “Messiah” oratorio, my favorite rendition after sixty-plus years of listening to it remains that by Colin Davis with the London Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, recorded in 1966.  The soloists were Heather Harper, soprano;  Helen Watts, alto;  John Wakefield, tenor;  and John Shirley-Quirk, bass.  You’ll find the full recording on YouTube, and it’s also available on CD.  IMHO, it’s seldom been equalled and never surpassed.

May the blessings of Easter be with and for all of you.



  1. He is Risen Indeed !!!

    And as for Messiah my favorite rendition is the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Chorus directed by Robert Shaw. Soloists are OK but the choral parts (which is what I love as a choral singer) are first rate having been conducted by one of the best choral conductors.

  2. @Tregonsee: I've listened to several lengthy excerpts from the Robert Shaw performance. As far as the choir is concerned, I agree with you: it's spectacularly good, matching the Colin Davis performance I cited. However, the soloists in the former recording simply didn't measure up to the latter; so I'll still give the nod to the Davis recording, with a runner-up nod to the Shaw rendition.

    Thanks for mentioning it. I enjoyed the comparison.

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