Sunday morning music

Now and again, a musical performance comes along that makes me laugh out loud.  This morning’s offering did just that.  What happens when a baroque percussion ensemble meets AC/DC?  Listen for yourself, and find out!

I think that must have been an absolute hoot for the musicians.  Full marks!



  1. If they're taking requests, I wonder if they could do 'The Wreck of the Edmund Fitsgerald'?. Just asking…

  2. More than once I've posted on Farcebook (not a typo) about something said or done by those in their youth now and said, "I weep for the future.", but once in a while I find something like this and it bids me think there is hope for them and us and all the world yet. If these kids can wrap their heads around and get into something this bizarre, maybe we've got a chance.

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